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Pizzeria Due Presents Thin Crust Pizza with Deep Dish Attitude

Chicago has long been known for pizza , deep dish or thin crust. Almost every tourist or vendor , can tell the story of when they had their first slice and where they had it. When you talk about Chicago … Continue reading

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Pizzeria Uno and Due is All About the Passion Behind the Pizza

There is no doubt in my mind that Chicago is a pizza town. That is unfortunate for someone who is trying to lose weight and is too big for Los Angeles. We have tried so many pizzas and there are … Continue reading

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Pizza Lovers Unite! It’s the Chicago Pizza Tour

Since we have started this blog, we have had so many pizzas. No  cancel that, between birthday parties, cast parties, and church events we have had so many pizzas. Everyone has their favorites . But there are so many pizza … Continue reading

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No Time Tonight ? Bake425 Makes It Alright.

We all lead such busy lives.  There is work and those nasty deadlines, little league and play practice, and don’t forget relatives that just show up at a moment’s notice. Not everyone has the time to run to the store … Continue reading

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Warming Up at the Newest in the Home Run Family

It may be cold outside but we found a great place to warm up and try some dishes from an old friend. Long time Chicago friend, Home Run Inn has opened a new place for gatherings. The pizza chain just … Continue reading

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Now That’s Italian – Pizzeria Via Stato

 Chicago is known for pizza. Downtown is full of places with the claim of the world’s best ones. From the thinnest crust to the world famous Chicago style, you can find the perfect style for every taste. Inside the Embassy … Continue reading

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