For A BossLady’s Busy Day- Triple Threat Color Stick


It’s hard being a lady boss. Especially when you are an actress , influencer, and blogger. If  I was a little bit younger, it would be easier. (Hey wouldn’t we all like that) But sometimes we don’t know what our purpose and passion are until later in life. Then we focus and set course for the dreams we might have abandoned for the house and kids, or maybe life had a different plan.

I love the concept of Thrive Causemetics . They are a company that definitely believes in the power of sisterhood. Sales from their products goes towards a woman in need. The best part is that it is vegan and no animals are used in testing. The turquoise color is so pretty and on the rim of my bronzer is the words, “Hello Gorgeous.” I love this because on of my favorite roles I did on stage was Fannie Brice in “Funny Girl.”

I love to use the Thrive Triple Threat Color Stick . My color is called Maggie. So many times I will go to the salon with a clean face and then after my hair appointment, I want to spruce up to show off my new do. (Plus to take those all important selfies) In the past, I would pack my purse with all of my cosmetics, they would spill, and then a mess. But that doesn’t happen anymore with the Triple Threat, with one color you can apply it with a brush on your eyes,lips, and cheeks. It saves space and can go in your desk, bag, or even clutch for that big night.

thrive triple threat

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Style is the Word at the International Housewares Show


One of the highlights of the year is the International Housewares Show . There are so many facets to this showcase of new gadgets and new products that is introduced to the  media and vendors. Retailers are always looking for new and exciting products for their customers. Popular culture is a very big buzz word as vendors want their customers to embrace such things as nostalgia, sports, and Disney. Even fashion has made its mark on this show as more vendors embrace bloggers and fashionistas with products that let girls just wanna have fun. A few of the companies that we talked with , did just that.


“It was an idea that I thought up with dealing with females and fashion.” BonNette Iocovozzi told me about their new line called “Camouflage Girl” with the Utica Cutlery Company.  “Traditionally , we have dealt more with males, but with more and more females wanting to express their style as well as an increase with gay males, I thought of the “Camouflage Girl” line. I love it with the its use of the colors of pink and purple. I think its fun and flirty.


“When you think spring, you think pastels and Mother’s Day and tea.” True Brands rep  Carlos De la Riva told me as he proudly displayed his tea and tea supplies line “Pinky Up” . To me it represented high tea and sophistication. It definitely had its feminine side and showed how much we all need to pamper ourselves once in a while. I loved it because I would rather drink tea than coffee. The teas are delicious by the way  in flavors like Tirasmu and Chai Latte.


True Brands not only caters to the girls, but to the men as well. They use sports and hunting designs for glassware and flasks. But they cater to the sophisticated man as well. “This set brings to mind , shaken not stirred, very James Bond and “Mad Men.” de la Riva also said. Sports and science fiction was also very big at the show. This would figure in a sports town like Chicago with our World Champion Cubs.


Everyone loves to be young and heart and everyone loves Disney. “It isn’t just for kids anymore. Disney reaches across the generations and it brings back the innocence of childhood. That’s why Disney is so popular.” Matthew Cermack pointed out to us as he proudly took us on a quick tour of R2 Zrike Brands booth. Jen loved this because one of her favorite cartoons is “Frozen”. As you can see, Disney is very popular. Even the hottest stars have done voices for the Mouse.


Tony Thai of Primeware couldn’t wait to show me his wine fashion line. It’s a purse that holds a bottle of wine. Wow, its something that Olivia Pope needs. Right fellow gladiators?


 We ended our trip to the world of style with this gorgeous display courtesy of the folks of  10 Strawberry Street. Loved it . Of course , there was the usual parade of kitchen utensils , personal care innovations, and cleaning products there as well. The greatest thing about the International Housewares Show is that there is something for everyone.

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Almost Like Being at Home-Ann Sather

ann sather exterior

Being a small town girl, one of the biggest obstacles of the holidays is finding a decent place to eat. Most restaurants don’t serve food that is good and wholesome. They would rather serve food that is showy and in small servings. Sometimes you just have to break down and get back to basics. Holidays are one of those times. We all grew up with traditions that we hold onto .Any one who has moved away from home can relate and appreciate a place that brings back those memories.

Ann Sather is one of those places. It has become a Chicago holiday tradition. Families eat there, couples, or just a group of friends sharing the day. Even an everyday meal at Ann Sather’s is a celebration. But be warned, you will be taking food home. There is plenty for everyone … including the dog. And also forget about the diet, everything is homemade.

In my home growing up,  we always had ham for Easter.  That is what is so great about Ann Sather , no matter your holiday tradition . I chose the ham dinner and I was not disappointed.  The ham was not salty, but tender. The asparagus was crisp and it was followed with mashed potatoes and gravy and a yummy peach compote.  Before the meal was a homemade vegetable soup that was a harvest of fresh vegetables. I am not a soup lover, but even I enjoyed it.


Ann Sather’s is also known for their baked goods. This includes their world famous cinnamon rolls . The rolls are mounds of heavenly gooeyness and cinnamon flavor. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one. We also got to try the delectable breads and don’t you dare go away without dessert. We chose the luscious apple and a taste of the South, pecan pie.


Forget paying River North prices, the dinners are about twenty dollars . You can also get the food to take home as well.  The Belmont location is the only place that serves holiday dinners. Everyone gets into the holiday spirit here as well. Here is our hostess, Clara, who was more than “Hoppy” to greet us and tell us about the specials.


Ann Sather’s is open daily . They open at seven am to serve a hearty breakfast to get you going. Unfortunately, they are only open until three Mon thru Fri and four on the weekends.  Make sure to come hungry.  Happy Easter from Chitownconnections.

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Give A Boost of Moisture to Your Skin

neutrogena hydro boost gel

This year, I am all about keeping my skin moist and supple. Winter has taken its final bow and spring is here. As a blogger and an actress, it is important to take care of my skin and also remove all of the residue. I have used a lot of cleansers and skin care lines through the years.  My favorite drug store cleanser is the brand new gel cleanser from Neutrogena. It cleanses and removes the makeup. It also doesn’t dry out your skin.

I can feel the cleanser working because it lathers up from a gel to a foam .  It removes all the toxins and impurities. The best part is that it contains the new Hydro gel formula . Hyaluronic acid means that it not only moisturizes , it seals in the moisture and locks it in. It is also the perfect way to guarantee yourself a clean slate in the morning before you put on your makeup. I also feel cleansed at the end of the day when I take off my makeup.

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Beautiful Hair Can Be Yours

hawaiian silky shampoo

 As a country girl,  I can remember pouring a small cup of apple cider vinegar on my hair and then it would become more shiny and manageable. The one thing that I liked about the cider was the smell and that meant that my hair smelled clean. Well, Hawaiian Silky used that same principal when they came up with the Apple Cider Charcoal Activated Products. The shampoo not only cleans your hair , the charcoal strips your hair of chemical and soap buildup . This makes your hair even more manageable and stronger. The best part is that the products in the Apple Cider Vinegar line are for all hair types . Girls with curls will be shouting for joy because the shampoo also eliminates frizz and helps to smooth the hair. It has that all natural smell as well. The black castor oil locks in moisture too. The only thing I didn’t care for it, is I like a shampoo that lathers and this shampoo doesn’t lather that much. But for a product that takes care of your hair that much, a little goes a long way. The conditioner is the perfect partner with the shampoo for sexier hair.

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Gentle Enough for A Baby – Susan Ciminelli Cleansing Milk


 There isn’t anything that is more refreshing at the end of the day then taking off all of that make up and just getting comfy. One of those rituals involves taking off your makeup or your mask to the world. Most make ups are plain stubborn. Well I have found a cleanser that not only takes off the make up , it calms you down and allows you to have a good nights’ sleep.

I had never tried Susan Ciminelli’s products but a sweet friend sent some to me to try. I am so glad that she did.One of those products was the cleansing milk . As an actress, my face has had everything on it from clog pouring pancake to the finest from the department stores and everything in between. It takes off not only the face makeup , but the eye make up as well. And let me tell you, mascara and liner can be stubborn. But there is another factor , the cleansing milk’s so gentle you can use it on babies. It also makes a great pre shave for that man in your life. Best part, Susan uses the most natural ingredients and none of the products are tested on animals. Hey I don’t want to hurt beagles because they are so cute and adorable. Why should we buy products that hurt innocent animals?

I love this cleanser because rather than a cleanser with no fragrance, Susan ‘s ingredients not only moisturizes, it calms with a lavender extract. That allows you to wind down, pour yourself a glass of wine, and then settle down to a restful night of sleep.

For more info:

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Neutrogena Body Lotion Passes the Test

neutrogena body lotion

Winter is finally beginning to leave here in the Windy City. That means we need to do some damage control before we start showing that skin. Winter leaves your skin dry and scaly, add shaving and you have itchy skin as well. Neutrogena to the rescue with the Light Sesame  formula of their body lotion.  The reason it moisturizes so well is because it absorbs quickly . Not only that , the sesame oil leaves skin soft. I like to use it when the winter leaves my skin itch as well. My favorite little bath treat is pouring on the Sesame Body Oil it gives my skin a double treat.

neutrogena lotion and oil

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