For Some Good Ole Eatin- Head to Route 62

route 62 bbq

There is no denyin , I am a country girl. You can put me on the Mag Mile, put a Louis in my hand, but when it comes down to food, give me a great big ole piece of meat. Summers in my childhood meant going camping and my dad bbq-ing. I just love a piece of meat especially when it has been smoked and then laid on those coals. Add some summer sides like macaroni salad or baked beans mixed with brown sugar, and I am a happpy camper.

I just got back from visiting my native Ohio. I got to see a part of the Buckeye State that I had never seen before. Central Ohio is home to many things, the Buckeyes of Ohio State, the State Capitol, and some of the prettiest scenery you will ever want to see. It is also home to some good ole fashioned slap down BBQ that rivals even the coolest spots in Chicago. Just off Route 62 in Johnstown is Route 62 BBQ. Our tour guide for this culinary adventure was Tiffany and we would just like to say thanks for your friendly Ohio hospitality once again.

Now one thing you have to understand about BBQ is you are going to get messy. But the mess is going to be well worth your time. We were told that the meat had been smoked and then cooked for about twenty four hours. We were so excited that we were going to get to try their four more popular meats. This would include a beef brisket that I nibbled on for days it was so good.I mean Oy Vey! The turkey was better than any one I ever had for Thanksgiving. But the real stars of the show were the pulled chicken and pulled pork. Talk about tender! It melted in your mouth and the meat just pulled apart. But that wasn’t the only part that was awesome, BBQ isn’t BBQ without sauce and just for the record everything from the rub on meat to the deserts is homemade. You can get a mouthful of fire or just enjoy with the BBQ sauces that they serve with the meat. I really enjoyed the sweet taste of the Carolina . I enjoyed it so much that I took a bottle home with me. All of their sauces can be bought to take that Ohio taste home with you.


The sides are something to be bragged about too. They remind me of church suppers when I was growing up or picnics at Idora Park . No diets here, just good ole fashioned country cookin. Jen couldn’t stop eating the cheesy potatoes. In Ohio , when they say cheesy they mean cheesy! They must be good because we were told that they were the most popular item on the menu. Regional goodies include skillet corn, cole slaw, and broccoli salad. The unanimous favorite was the totally original macaroni chicken ranch salad. Chunks of chicken mixed into a flavorful macaroni salad with a little taste flash could have been made into a meal itself. Route 62 also sells sandwich platters, wings, and rib platters as well. Get your favorites sides by the pint or the quart. Having a party? They got that covered as well. The sides are the perfect compliment to the BBQ.

scrumptious sides

“The owners were driving down this stretch of road and thought it was the perfect place.” Tiffany told us. Ten years later, Johnstown residents and tourists alike have been enjoying the savory BBQ meals. As for celebs who have become fans of the restaurant, you can’t get any cooler than Mickey Dolenz from the “Monkees.”

mickey dolenz

On a summer’s afternoon, you can’t get a better meal than good old fashioned BBQ and pair it up with a refreshing Coke. As you can see, it is the drink of choice at Route 62…

coke wall

Now don’t forget dessert. They taste just like a bunch of church ladies went into their kitchen and made them. Our particular favorites were the chocolate creme, the pretzel crust that reminded me of pecan pie and the pistachio. They were all delicious , of course.

pistachio pie

Route 62 BBQ is located in Johnstown  Ohio at 580 W Coshocton Street.  Johnstown is located about one hour from Columbus and Ohio State. They are closed on Monday and open Tues thru Sat from 11 to 8 and Sundays open from 12- 7. .Meat can be ordered by the pound and they have family packs as well . For a real taste of the Buckeye State, stop by Route 62 when you are in the Columbus area.


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