“Anything That Pushes the Envelope” Is How Erica M Views Style


 When you watch those ladies on the Red Carpet, you probably wonder who makes them look fabulous. It’s not just the hair, the dress, or the jewelry.  Girls also have to have fierce footwear. One of these shoe divas, is stylist Erica M. As a young girl in the streets of Baltimore, she learned at an early age that it is better to look good than to feel good. Sadly,  she was a victim of bullying. But she knew that her dreams would take her away from her inpoverished world. She had always loved fashion and like so many other girls played dress up. Her first influences? Versace and Oscar De La Renta. No K Mart for this gal.

The other day , I got the chance to chat with this fellow diva and gladiator. I always love to talk about “Scandal” with fellow gladiators and we had fun talking fashion and television.  One of the topics that we discussed is how women should embrace who they are. They should embrace their curves. Erica is a curvy girl herself. She also believes that young girls should be given more encouragement to accept themselves and give them empowerment. In fact in 2009, she created an organization for teens and women called Tru Goddess Entertainment and Events. Erica ‘s beliefs came from her grandmother , Hester, who prided herself on her sense of style and didn’t let society  tell her how to dress because of her age. “You are as young as you feel.” Erica told me. I totally agree with that. She also spoke glowingly of the role models that women have to emulate on television today. Women like Viola Davis, Taraji P Henson , and Kerry Washington play these strong women on television .They also wear these sexy , but sophisticated outfits when they play these characters. “Young girls see Olivia Pope in her silky blouses, and pencil skirts. She is a strong woman and they see that you don’t have to dress like a hoochy to be a success.” she laughed.  “Women have to learn to love themselves.” Using this philosophy, Erica and her sister opened their own shoe boutique in 2012. Appropriately it was called Goddess Couture. These shoes allowed all woman to think of themselves as goddesses.

About a year later, Erica began using her fashion talents to dress some of television’s biggest reality stars. like Love Majeewski (Mob Wives) , , Krystle Couso (Jerseylicious) and Alexandra Dilworth (The New Atlanta) and that is just a sample. No surprise of who Erica’s dream celebrity would be if she could dress her for the Red Carpet. Actually she had two. Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong and tv star Kerry Washington. “Kerry has such great style and Lupita looks just like a little Barbie doll.” Asking her advice on developing my own Red Carpet style, she told me to wear something you are comfortable in and also allows you to strut your stuff. ” She gives the same advice to her celebrity clients. “They never know what to wear, so she sends over some different styles and sees how comfortable the client is with each shoe. Then they narrow it down.” When I asked about her mother and style , she just laughed and said that her grandmother said that it skipped a generation.  She also bragged that she was related to model/body builder Ernestine Shepherd. With role models like these, Erica can definitely continue to reach for the stars.

19398798_10212779703031242_883210214_nTo look at some of Erica’s shoes and order them go to http://www.askericam.com

She is also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


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