Art vs Commerce Brings The Make Up Show to Chicago


 One of my favorite events that I look forward to every year is The Make Up Show. It is a celebration of the visual , rather than the other senses. It is also a way that beauticians, make up artists, and other beauty professionals can purchase make up and educational materials. With the budding fashion industry and our thriving film/ television community. This is critical so that beauty is not just a second income. The show features make up pros to educate and help the students to put on their game face to take them to the next level of their career.

The ringmaster for this beauty circus is the fabulous James Vincent. He is the foremost expert on make up and what he uses. One of the highlights of the show is his talk to the press and influencers.  He tells an eager audience about some of the great products and companies that are at the show. He is such a sweety and today he greeted me with a hug and a kiss.. The best part is that at the end of the talk, each audience member is gifted with a bag of his favorite goodies. After that , each gal is left to explore the show to establish relationships or pick up some fun things for her own bag.  Last year, I got the privilege to interview Fredrick Sanders, who was the brand ambassador for Temptu. Today, I got to see first hand the airbrush system that has revolutionized the make up industry. Getting celebs ready for the Red Carpet or camera, has been cut in half with this wonderful airbrush that does all the contouring and covering. This is one of the little goodies that I must have.


Temptu makeup artist ,Jackie works on me with Temptu’s Air Cordless. It can help me get ready for that once in a lifetime audition or help me pull it together before an event.


Look at all these goodies . Along with the gun, you get foundations and colors used for brows and cheeks.

James also stressed the importance of social media.  Now more than ever, make up artists and bloggers can influence their followers with Instagram and Pinterest posts from the event or MUA can use them for their portfolio. He also pointed out that “Make up is a connection. It brings together for the special moments of our lives.

james vincent talking

James gave so many insights into why the Make Up show is so important in Chicago. He wants to help the make up artists to move into making beauty their number one income instead of their second. “Its Art vs Commerce.” The money is definitely there in the wedding industry.” I also learned this talking with reps from the Knot Magazine.

mehron glitter

The Make Up show is a sensual experience utilizing the sense of sight . Glitter and bright colors entice the beauty professionals to purchase items for their businesses. Plus it’s fun to look at all the pretty colors and glitter. For the first time, there was actually a play area where make up pros could play with new colors and products.

brush set


Brushes are just tools of the trade. But don’t be fooled, they are also works of art and are taylor made to the task. These Bambu ones are from Bdellium and I am loving the purple color. Another future goody .

smashbox vendor

Smashbox was another vendor at the show. Vendors sell the latest products. They also provide them in the goody bag we received at the show. Wouldn’t you get up at the crack of dawn to get these goodies?

goody bag from mashow

Each member of the press and blogger was given this goody bag filled with make up remover, concealer, bronzer, makeup sanitizer, and lots of lipsticks

make up for mehron

Thanks to the television industry and shows that shoot here like “Chicago Fire”, “Shameless” and “Empire.” , Make up is a big business here. Mehron is one of the biggest theatrical make up companies in the world.

nigel beauty emporium

Here is one of the bags from one of the companies. Some of them were so creative, and others were colorful like the bag from TEI SPA. I loved Nigel’s bag because the company is located in West Hollywood . See the masks, they are a symbol of the theatre . They also represent my industry as an actress. Definite signs!!!!

james and me 2017

We are not just friends, but family. It is always so great to see James and talk about the one thing we both love. And that is make up. Can’t wait till next year at the Make Up Show LA, fingers crossed.





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