Simply Eden Products Are Paradise For Your Skin


Athena Steadman stands outside her store where she makes the most amazing soaps and lotions.

Actors, directors, and just plain celebrity watchers come to Park City every year to see the films , see who is who , and visit the special gifting suites at Sundance. One of the most popular ones is the Indie Lounge. Entrepreneurs bring their products to these lounges in the hopes they can give them to an influencer or celebrity who will share them on social media. I got the chance to get some really great products to try and these soaps and lotions are one of those.

Simply Eden products come from the unspoiled mountains in Utah. The founder of the company is Athena Steadman . A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis caused her to leave a fast paced life to go back to the basics. This led her to realize that the regular soaps and lotions were too harsh for sensitive skin. She found out that goat’s milk had vitamins and minerals and natural fats. These products have the most amazing scents and make your skin feel as pampered as the most expensive boutiques and spas. I got to try some of these products which proved to be a Godsend in the arctic Chicago weather. Here are a few of my favorites.

I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works products and also miss my late and lamented Victoria Secret Pear Glace products as well. I think that smells evoke memories and emotions. The goat milk that is used in the soaps comes from very well treated Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. The milk is used to make the lotions and soaps. I am totally in love with the Grapefruit Peppermint and Poppyseed soap. It is so creamy, just needs to be a little bit more foamy.  I do love the light fragrance and the grapefruit smell does wonders for my depression from the winter weather.


Picture the sunny pink grapefruit from Southern climes mixed with a refreshing peppermint. You have the Grapefruit Peppermint soap sprinkled with poppyseed and essential oils.

Another product has such a classy name and it is designed to make your skin feel pampered. I love slathering my skin with the Little Black Dress lotion . I picture the shops of Michigan Avenue and Rodeo, walking in a pair of Christian Laboutins swinging my Louis Vuitton in the kickiest black dress as I go to an event or on a date. It has a patchouli and musky scent with some sandalwood . And you can slather some on your man as well. This one is great for that Valentines love fest.


Lavender has such a calming effect and that can be a wonderful thing in our modern crazy world. Lavender and Clay face soap marries the lavender with the skin and takes your stressed skin down a few notches while it cleanses and moisturizes your skin. The peppermint and lavender foot and body balm continues the de stressing process. I just feel better after I take a whiff of the lavender soap . Maybe I will get some to put in with my lingerie to pamper it as well. I am ending my review of Simply Eden with my absolute favorite and that is the Sweet Orange Chili Pepper body mousse. It reminds of the orange groves of Florida where I spent a large part of my childhood. It also reminds me of the bright future in California. And hurray its a citrus fest! It even contains real orange juice to give it that citrusy feel , with that little tang. Mix it with shea butter and cocoa butter to make your skin smooth and ease dry skin.



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