Small Plates but Big Taste Awaits You at Knife and Tine


In the course of time, we have gotten to try so many cuisines. We have chomped on burgers and greasy fries, we have had so much pizza, and have dined everywhere from five star restaurants to holes in the wall. This time , we have found a real treasure that has been lauded in magazines and on television. The best part is that it is located right in Lincoln Park and the food is a gourmet delight. Unique food and a unique name await you at Knife and Tine.

You couldn’t walk ten feet without feeling the festive holiday spirit. The bistro was filled with out of town guests and holiday revelers. Candlelight gave a mellow feel with the jazz piped into the restaurant. Knife and Tine prides themselves on their wine list and other libations. The mixologist is truly an artist with shaker and liquors. I  wanted to try one of these concoctions , but didn’t feel like a cocktail. Instead, I got a mocktail that tasted tropical and fruity. The bartender also was glad to tell me what was in the drink and how simple it would be to construct the drink. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly which makes for a pleasant dining experience. Everything is made in house too. The rolls are a dream with the flavored butter for the evening. On that particular evening, it was sea salt and lemon pepper. Delish.

There were so many wonderful starters that I wouldn’t know which one to pick.  We decided to go with the soft , sourdough pretzel. The best part of the pretzel was the caramel glaze on the top . The dip was made of horseradish cheddar cheese and there was no heat in it what so ever, only cheesy goodness. Perfect for a cold, winter night. The macaroni and cheese had a unique taste that I found out was beer and bacon sausage. Once again it was more robust than other establishments. I opted to try one of the delicious salads and Jen got a burger once again.

I had already vowed that in the new year I would eat healthier. The roasted cauliflower salad was the perfect option for that. The cauliflower was marinated with an in house brown butter vinagrette with goat cheese dusted on top with arugula and cherry tomatoes. Grilled chicken completed the salad hearty enough for a main dish. I got a taste of the burger too. It was meaty and the sauce they used was aptly named awesome sauce. I think I liked it a little more than her because I love carmelized onions and special buns. Jen is a traditionalist when it comes to burgers. She is not that daring.

If you have already made a resolution to give up dessert, then this is not the place. All of the desserts are of gourmet quality. The fillings are pure magic , perfect for the diner. Looking over the menu, we chose the chocolate silk pie. The crust was as light as air , so was the silk part. Chocolatey and satisfying. Once again the key word is gourmet. This place is definitely not for the faint of heart when it comes to food. You have to be able to appreciate it. If you crave chain food, this may not be the place for you. If you can feel the food and the experience , then make your way to Knife and Tine for a evening you will not soon forget.

Knife and Tine is located in Lincoln Park at 1417 W Fullerton, right down from the Fullerton El station. The restaurant is open until late evening. They also serve a weekend brunch as well.


The mocktail was as delicious as any cocktail


Grilled cauliflower salad that was filled with color and flavor


Light as air- french silk pie


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