The Fruits of Fall are Enjoyed at Butcher’s Tap


Fall has arrived and along with pumpkin spice latte comes the return of football and when baseball dreams can come true. Wrigleyville comes to life and thousands of people pour into Wrigley Field. Not too far from the cheering crowds and the crack of the bat, is The Butcher’s Tap, a hip bar and grill where friends can watch the Buckeyes or the latest playoff game. We had visited the Southport bar when they first opened and were excited to see how the place had changed since changing owners. Wade Weishar, the general manager , was more than happy to introduce us to his new creations.

We started off with some goat tacos. Wade explained that the goat was in honor of the playoffs and the ancient tale about the goat and the Cubs. The goat tacos were made in an unusual way. Instead of the usual salsa, sour cream, and guac, Wade used a pickled sauce and put some of his cole slaw on it. The goat was tasty. Following the tacos, Jen noticed that there was Poutine on the menu. People actually call the dish from the North “Canadian salad. ” Jen has gotten to be quite the poutine expert. In fact,she actually whips up her own at home with cheese curds , gravy , and fries. Butcher’s Tap’s version was a joy to eat and savor.  The fries had the requisite cheese curds and gravy , but the special ingredient was the pulled pork meat and there was plenty of it. We were informed that the pork was marinated with beer as well. It was the pork that made it for me. Next on the agenda was the goat flight . The flight was served so that the famous Cub curse could be broken and our Cubbies would win the Series. It was a pleasure to dig into the goat goodies, especially the goat jerky. I always thought that jerky was supposed to be tough and hard to chew. This jerky was so tender and moist. There was also goat sausage and goat cheese that was especially brought in from Wisconsin the land of cheese. The flight was accompanied with flavored almonds and blueberries for a fall touch.  Octoberfest has a century long tradition and with the melting pot of European and German immigrants in Chicago, it is also one of the biggest festivals of fall. Butcher’s Tap makes you part of of the celebration with their Butcher’s Plate and beer pairings for maximum enjoyment. Since i am a major brat and hot dog fan, this was my favorite of the two plates. Wade was very inventive with including his special cole slaw that had a little bit of sauerkraut in it. The mixture destroyed the usual odor from the kraut. The brats and knockwurst tasted a lot better with the special American Girl mustard with a bite to it. The mustard was made by a local and it has the spice with out the heat. Put the meats on the crackers with some goat cheese and you have definitely got a winner.

Butcher’s Tap is famous for their chicken and the awesome sides. They are so famous that the bar has decided to dedicate Monday night as all you can eat night. That’s right! You can gather and enjoy a night of food and friendship . There is always a game on here and you can munch on the best chicken you will ever taste. The pieces are huge and cooked like chicken should be . These pieces are dipped in batter and deep fried. This is the only way that chicken should be cooked. The sides will make you feel like you are at a picnic with dishes like potato, pasta salad, and macaroni and cheese.

The meal ended like any good meal should , with dessert. Wade helped us out with a couple winners. The one that Jen picked was a scrumptious vanilla bean cheesecake . It had a real vanilla taste with a graham cracker crust. She said it was the best cheesecake she had and that is saying a lot. Wade put one of the death by chocolate cheesecakes in front of me. It had one difference than other chocolate cheesecakes that I have had. It was gluten free. Usually that puts up a red flag for me and doesn’t taste that good. This was a chocolate lovers dream but gluten free. Imagine ! a triple chocolate threat but with no gluten. Awesome.

The Butcher’s Tap is right down from the Brown Line Southport stop. If you are down from the most popular place in town right now, Wrigley Field, you should definitely stop in after a game. They have a great selection of beers and wines as well. The Butcher’s Tap is located at 3553 N Southport .


Goat Tacos are guaranteed to win the Cubbies


Celebrate Octoberfest with this special Butcher’s Board paired with a special beer


Heaven on earth.. is Death by Chocolate with a special twist  Gluten free


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