It’s A Celebration at the Shedd with Blu


On August 6, the hip young professionals of Chicago came to the Shedd Aquarium with two  purposes , to party and raise money for the Shedd.  This wasn’t just any ordinary party though. For ten years, the event of the summer has been Blu. Chicago’s professionals have converged upon the Shedd to eat, drink, and party. The main reason for all of this merriment has been to raise funds to use to rescue creatures and educate the public about the creatures and our precious waterways throughout the world.

Since this was the tenth anniversary, there were many special events and features for the night. VIPs were given commemorative pins and led to the North Terrace  where they could indulge in some special cocktails and h’ or derves  They could also enjoy a special treat as some of the friendlier aquatic creatures performed for the party goers.   As per usual , there were great restaurants and lots of fun. Guests could indulge in More Cupcakes, Insomnia Cookies , and other sweet treats as they danced and watched the fireworks from the Sick Family Lakefront Terrace  Navy Pier. Some of the restaurants included Bombay Wraps, McCormick and Schmicks,

I got a chance to talk to a few of the chairs for the evenings event. Each person had different reasons for joining the auxiliary. Susan Hedlund joined because she was new to the city and has been a member since 2008. Before joining, she tried different  organizations and did her research. She found that the Shedd was her best fit. “It’s important to have a connection and people to reach out to you when you are the new person in town.” She also came to the Shedd because of Blu because it is such an “iconic event.” Another co chair Alex Ross joined because of his interest in aquatic life and its preservation. “I am a scuba diver and wanted to get more involved than just on a volunteer level.. This is Alex’s third Blu.and he is glad to see the bright future of the Shedd. The evening was a total success with 1,070 guests who showed their generosity by donating more than 450,000 dollars. Featured performers for the evening included Madi Davis from the Voice, John Vincent, Guy King, and a performance of the National Anthem by the Blackhawks own Jim Cornelison . Guests were also given a ride back to the city on special buses to end their special night.


At the VIP entrance guests were given a special pin and treated to some pretty special nibbles


One of the highlights of the evening was some great seafood. This shrimp had quite a kick to it.


Salmon is one of the healthiest food you can eat . This one had a delicious gourmet sauce


Yummy lassi from Bombay Wraps. They were one of the many restaurants that participated in the evening


The Sick Family Terrace offered the perfect view of the city and a great place for dancing


This adorable seal was part of the aquatic show for the party guests. The show also included penguins , dolphins, and belugas


These events are great places to meet people like co chairs Susan Hedlund and Alex Ross. They were so happy that Blu was a huge success this year


Before the fireworks, More provided cupcakes to munch on and also to take home


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Melanie Christy is am actress/singer who came to Chicago to pursue her dreams of acting. Coming from a small town in Ohio she has been enjoying the things that city life has to offer like great cuisine from all parts of the globe, parties with great people including celebrities, gorgeous fashions and of course fun! Follow her, read her blog and learn about all the amazing adventures you can be a part of throughout Chicagoland! Jennifer Hedrick is the photographer and techie for our blogs. She was born and raised here in Chicago. Her love of photography started when she was a child. She has photographed many celebs, events, fashion shows and more. She also considers herself a bit of a foodie and loves food porn. Her other loves include her nieces and nephews, animals and the shows Castle, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.
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