OPI is the People’s Choice with the Washington Collection

Washington DC collection

It’s not only an election year , but a historical one. For the first time in history, we have a female candidate for the White House. Women are now the power brokers. It’s a great time to be a woman and to celebrate it.

In honor of the powerful women , whether they run the country or run a household, OPI has introduced the Washington collection. They have gotten one of the most powerful women on television to collaborate with them on this collection. Kerry Washington plays a woman who deals with power on a daily basis as Olivia Pope on the ABC smash “Scandal” . She has helped create a President , cover up the scandals of the Grant Administration, and follow her heart with the men in her life. In real life, Kerry is active in politics, has worked with OPI and Neutrogena to design make up for the African American woman, starred in and was the producer for her Emmy nominated role in “Confirmation.: On top of her many causes and pursuits, Kerry is also a mother to a fur baby by the name of Josie , plays mommy to her angel Isabelle, and will soon be giving birth to baby number two. She truly is a superwoman.

Since “Scandal” is so close to Kerry’s heart, . we are proud to announce the OPI Washington collection. Each shade has been named for a special moment in Kerry’s life or a special part of the show.

kerry blossom

The first shade that we will introduce is called Kerry Blossom. I love this  fall shade because it is dramatic and stylish. It works with those plums, leather jackets, and boots . It also embodies the beauty and style that is Olivia Pope. Whether she is defending the underdog or canoodling with her Presidential lover, she always looks great. That’s why she turns heads at government events and galas.

hell hath no fury

never a dulles moment 2

 Never a Dulles Moment is symbolic of the runways of Dulles Airport in Washington . On the show , there have been many times that Olivia has been on the runways of the Capitol. She is a real jet setter gal .  Here she is on a private jet as she escapes Washington

the price of a free and fair election

suzi the first lady of nails

Suzi the First Lady of Nails is fabulous with those tweeds and dark greens as summer makes way for fall. It resembles almost a military green but much richer. Olivia would have made a great First Lady , unfortunately we will never get the chance to see it. Here she is on the day she was going to get married to Fitz.

get out of a jail free

stay off the lawn 2

Stay Off the Lawn has that rich autumn green. Perhaps it reminds me of the last leaves that will be falling from the trees. The color works perfectly with jeans. Olivia is not that big of a fan of the outdoors, neither is her GBFF , Cyrus. This is actually one of the only times that Olivia has enjoyed being outdoors. It’s also a great place to discuss the latest shenanigans of the Grant family.

olivia and cyrus

cia color is awesome

With an evergreen color as we look toward the glamour of the holidays, CIA Color is Awesome is perfect for those holiday parties. It brings up images of tinsel and velvet. Here Olivia is trying to be that perfect White House hostess for her first Christmas in the White House. Love the dress!


pale to the chief

Kerry and Olivia have a love for all things that are pale. Most of the beautiful clothes by Scandal costume designer , Lyn Paolo, have been in pale shades. Kerry also likes to wear the same kind of shades on her hands.  Pale to the Chief refers to Olivia’s taste in men as well. There is only one love in Olivia’s life and that is Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 3.

fitzgerald loves olivia

yank my doodle polish

Yank My Doodle takes this Ohio gal back to her roots. It reminds me of apples on the tree and hot cider. There are  orchards in Olivia’s future as she ponders her future living in Vermont with Fitz. That was the only thing that kept her sane when she was a hostage.

vermont dream

freedom of peach

Freedom of Peach is a color that still has that summer feel. Gals with pale skin probably wouldn’t look good with this shade. It is something to consider though when summer returns or when traveling in tropical climates. Peaches remind Olivia of the state of Georgia. This was the first time that her and Fitz would make love on the trail after his wife lied during a photo op. While eating peach pie, Mellie lies and says she had a miscarriage. Olivia learns that Mellie will do anything to get to 1600 Penn.

the trail fitz has sex for the first time

squeaker of the house

Squeaker of the House is a rich , chocolatey brown. It reminds me of hot chocolate and golden boxes of Godiva. Olivia is not a fan of chocolate, but Fitz sure is. vermont is for lovers too

liv in the grey

One of Olivia’s most popular fashion colors is represented in Liv in the Gray. From her Prada purse to her Burberry coats, Liv knows how to rock this color. She also knows how to relax in this color.

olivia rocks it

ssh its top secret

Ssh its top secret symbolizes the deep dark secrets that have been part of “Scandal” through the years. From Defiance to B613, everyone in Washington has secrets. Olivia ‘s biggest secret is her romance with the (then) married President of the United States. Here he urges her to kiss him in the privacy of the Bunker.

in the bunker

madame president opi

 Madame President is dedicated to the one other female character who has the power on “Scandal” and that is Mellie Grant. Mellie is truly a survivor. She has endured a political marriage where she has had to make sacrifice after sacrifice for the good of her husband’s career. Finally, Mellie is no longer tied to her husband and she is free to be her own person. From Senator and back to the White House, Bellamy Young’s Mellie sets poised to rule the world.

madame mellie

opi by popular vote

OPI by Popular is a bright candy apple red. It is very much in tune with the red , white , and blue. Anyone who knows anything about “Scandal” knows that one of the main plots that have been used involves  elections. Currently the show is involved in its own Presidential election between Vargas and Grant. No matter how many candidates have been a part of the political drama, there will always be one candidate who made the biggest impression on Olivia Pope. Remember when Governor Grant told the world he was in love with an incredible woman?

i am in love with an incredible woman

we the female

We the Female is one of my favorite colors. I have always loved dark and dramatic colors. That must be the actress in me. Since I have always had long, beautiful nails, this is the type of color that works for me. We the Female symbolizes the women of power that have been on the show. She may have never appeared on screen, but she made quite an impression on the cast members. Kerry and the whole “Scandal” gang support Hillary

kerry and hillary

inside the isabelletway

Finally we come to the end of our color journey. The last color is Inside the Isabelltway . Kerry says that this color means a great deal to her. It is the color of her pride and joy, Isabelle. Isabelle will soon be a proud big sister to Kerry’s new baby.  Here is a picture of Kerry right before Isabelle was born.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

These nail enamels can be found either on the OPI web site or exclusively at Ulta stores



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