“You Can Turn Back the Clock” Panel Advises Lifestyle Writers

town and country talk

 It’s a cruel fact of life that we can’t do what we once could do. We may have been able to gobble down MickieD’s fries or party all night when we were in our twenties. Unfortunately, the march of time goes on and it usually marches across your face. Lines and crows feet creep up as well as love handles. Even though it seems they are perfection, celebrities are fake , air brushed, and hardly real. Today , a group of beauty experts and bloggers were gathered at the luxurious Peninsula hotel this morning to learn how we can preserve that “college” look. Town and Country Magazine Beauty Editor, Jamie Rosen assembled a panel that discussed how we can make the clock go backwards. Everyone assembled learned ways to improve life and they way we look. Dr. Anthony Youn, world renown plastic surgeon and author gave suggestions about ways that minimal office procedures can help maintain that youthful look. He talked about a procedure that will actually reduce that nasty double chin without liposuction. By injecting the drug Kybella , it reduces the fat around the chin. This helps to retain that youthful look. He also was an advocate of using sunscreen no matter where you were going during the day. Anne Owen, the owner of Owen and Alchemy, advocated a purge of all the poisons from your system . This could be achieved either by cutting sugars and starches from the diet or using a juice cleanse. She also advised not to dive in to the cleanse but ease into it. I also found out that a cleanse isn’t necessarily just juice but also consists of salads and the drink. “Not every one can handle an intense cleanse” she said. “You can also make the quality of your life better by advocating to a plant based diet. ”  Gideon Akande, trainer and fitness coach also proved that there can be a healthy balance between exercise and spirituality. He told the audience that the best way to get in shape is to find your passion and do it. “If you love to run, do it. If not , find something that ignites your passion. ” Spirituality can either be that yoga class at the gym, regularly attending services at either church or synagogue. I have found out that sometimes just communing with nature can be just  as spiritual as attending church. God can be anywhere. Finally the last member of the panel was Rodney Cutler, of Esquire magazine and owner of Cutler Salons. Rodney has worked on some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He pointed out that we are real people and so are the celebrities we emulate as beautiful. Even if you have that hairdo the same as your favorite celebrity , it isn’t going to look the same on you as it does on them.

Guests were treated to a sumptuous, healthy breakfast . This also included many beverages and gluten free baked goods. Each attendee was also given a gym bag courtesy of sponsor Kybella . The bag contained the latest issues of Town and Country and Esquire. and a Swell hot and cold beverage container. Everyone enjoyed an educational and enjoyable morning.

fresh fruit

 This plate of cut up fresh fruit was certainly refreshing on a humid summer day.

plastic surgeon

Dr Anthony Youn couldn’t stress the importance of using sun screen. Words of wisdom in these hot , humid summer days. I guess the people at Neutrogena know what they are talking about.

me and jamie rosen

It is always exciting to meet someone who preaches the gospel of health and beauty. Jamie pointed that this is an anniversary year for the iconic magazine. Chicago was a stop on the panel tour. Note , her gorgeous figure and fashionable look.


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