Give Up the Soda Habit for Healthy Refreshment with Wyler’s Light

wyler 's light label

Finally summer has arrived and that means drinking more liquids. As temperatures go up, hydration is more important than ever. It is not just a good idea, but it is necessary to save your life. If someone doesn’t get the right amount of fluids, they may end up dehydrated. This results in erratic behavior , heart palpitations, and possible hospitalizations . If someone gets dehydrated, they are usually administered iv fluids to replenish the patient.

But drinking water benefits people in many ways. It flushes the system and also replenishes skin. Unfortunately, there are people who do not like the taste of plain water. I am counted among those people. Sure, I will fill my container at the jump before I hop on the bike. Drinking plain tap water is another story. At our tastings, I usually gulp water because sometimes the dishes are a little on the spicy side. I also learned a trick when I worked for market research. If you take a sip of water before you eat , it cleanses the pallet and makes you able to taste your food. I also will just plain drink water when at a restaurant and make a point to finish the glass. This gets some water in me. Smartwater is the only bottled water I like to drink. Blame Jennifer Aniston!

When I received the Wyler’s Light , it came at the right time. I have always resolved to cut down on my soda drinking. I love the taste but also realize that soda contains sugar and other chemicals. I also vowed to start drinking more water. It helps me look younger and also allows me to go to the bathroom easier. But just like so many things that are good for you, it was something I didn’t like the taste of it. “Too bland.” I said. But after adding a packet of the Wyler’s Light Single’s to go, I actually enjoyed the fruity taste and in a month actually increased my water intake . My favorite flavor was the unusual Blueberry  Lemonade. But the greatest part is that these single serving packets come in so many delicious flavors. You can either pour one into a glass or container and then its ready for that long commute or that workout at the gym. For some originality, add some of your favorite liquors for some summer refreshment. Top off the glass with some fresh berries and you have a delightful cocktail.

Wyler’s Light can help make your life healthier and also motivate you to have a healthier llfe and isn’t that the best thing in the long run. Oh and the small little packets are also cheaper that soda. And that money you save , you can use it on other things. I am sure you can think of some of those things. Right girls!

vera bradley  tote

You can stick some single packs in your tote for summer refreshment


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