Sushi is an Artform at Hands On Thai and Sushi

hands on modern thai and sushi

 One of the true pleasures that I enjoy is sushi. It is truly an art form and I love to see the different ways that chefs prepare it . One place had a fountain and another made it in the shape of a peacock. But the only part I like more than seeing the art form of sushi is finding out the ingredients . This is truly a delight. On this beautiful  afternoon, we got on the bus and set out for another gastronomical adventure. Finally we received our destination on West Irving Park Road, Hands on Thai and Sushi. It was a double treat because this particular establishment just opened its second location days ago.

Chef “Andy” really knows his stuff. Of course he does, he is a graduate of Le Corden Bleu  and one of the best sushi restaurants in Chicago. Each morsel he works on is a true work of art and a delight. I was impressed with the love and care he put into each dish. I also love the nuance of Hands On Thai and Sushi Our host , Andrew told us that each customer is given the personal touch . This was truly the case as we saw him act with a lovely couple of sushi lovers. This is the place for those who appreciate sushi.

The meal started off like most Oriental ones do, with crab ragoon. But this wasn’t your ordinary crag ragoon. This was the best in house ragoon I have ever tasted. The pods were flaky with an even distribution of cheese and crab. Add to it my favorite part, the sweet and sour sauce and you’re off to a great start. On a hot day its also a treat to have a refreshing beverage. At Hands On, you can enjoy such drinks as the authentic milk green tea or the sweet lychee mockjito. Both were a tasty repast with the rest of the meal.  Hands On Sushi was enough to write home about and we were given the royal treatment. The first sushi plate had a combination of various maki that was named the omakase. This was one of the chef’s signature dishes that was prepared for us and wasn’t even on the menu. I got so excited when I found unagi which is one of my favorite fish.The other maki we had was one of the very popular signature maki . In honor of our champion hockey team, it is called the Blackhawks Maki. It’s award winning flavor comes from the mixture of salmon and sweet potato tempura with a dusting of cream cheese and crumbs on top . Surprisingly enough, the prices weren’t out of this world either. You get River North tasting sushi that won’t break the bank.  Along with the sushi, we got a taste of one of the signature dishes as well. Filled with a plethora of seafood, the heartless seafood udon boasts a Japanese udon noodle that can also be made gluten free by request. But be warned, the udon is heartless because of the mixture of peppers (bell, chili pepper) so keep your water glass close.

Finally we came to the end of dinner, which means dessert. Just like most of the unique dishes here are to die for, the matcha cheesecake didn’t disappoint. It was the first time that I tasted the green tea delight and I found it to be pleasant and sweet.  It was a mellow ending to an amazing meal.

Those who are avid sushi fans like me appreciate places like Hands On Thai and Sushi . So if you want the ultimate sushi experience , there are now two locations. one at 7117 W Addison Street and the newest at 5056 W Irving Park Road . Oh and they also deliver .

crab ragoon

blackhawks maki

lychee mockjito


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