Should Have Put Some Chicken On it- Buck’s

bucks exterior

When we say that we hit the hottest spots in the Windy City, we ain’t just whistlin Dixie.. Just last week, we went to our new favorite part of town. Wicker Park reminds me of New York with its cute clothing shops, vintage dvd stores, and kitschy restaurants and bistros. Food is an art form , not just sustenance in this neck of the woods. Buck’s is the latest in the hip, cool places in town and its’ all thanks to one word. “Beyonce” Following her sell out concert , Beyonce and her man , Jay Z chowed at Buck’s. This was enough to get me and Jen to venture to some of our fave spots like Reckless and also to stop into Buck’s.

When we walked into Buck’s , it was like walking onto the set of “Friends” We chose to sit on one of the comfy couches. I loved this comfortable way to eating compared to the booths or chairs we usually sit on. Next to the couch was a basket of board games for diners or people who just want a fun game night. I was awed by the selection of wines and beers that were available and saddened that i couldn’t try their wonderful sangria. (It was only available in pitchers and I still had to make it home LOL) I finally settled on a Radler with it’s grapefruit taste. It was a great choice with the chicken and biscuits. Gave the meal an earthy tone. We began our trek down South with a real treat ,  devilish eggs . I associate deviled eggs with picnics and mom , but these were truly extraordinary. Instead of the usual mayonaise mixture , these eggs were filled with a delightful creole mustard and  salmon. Truly outrageous and out of this world. But it didn’t stop there , we were also treated to the famous pimento cheese spread which was accompanied by good old fashioned bread and butter pickles. The food has a little bit of a kick, but just enough for flavor. Salad lover that I am, I had to try the kale salad. I also wanted to try it because I was told Beyonce had one. It was like a bowl of Southern sunshine with its citrus, apples, and pralines. Chunks of bleu cheese floated through the bowl and mingled with the pieces of kale. She had to have a bowl of healthy, nice contrast to the real star of the evening.

It is obvious that the star attraction of Buck’s is the chicken. After always having my chicken baked, roasted, or broiled , this was truly a treat. We are not talking the Popeye or KFC variety either, this is the real deal. This is the way chicken is supposed to taste. My late Aunt Kathy was from Kentucky and this is the way she made her chicken. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender. The biscuits were pure heaven and came with homemade preserves . You can’t enjoy southern food without sides and their sides are out of this world. We decided on the mac and cheese and our mac and cheese expert Jen said that it is possibly one of the best in town. I wholeheartedly agree. And the broccoli cheese slaw was the perfect accompaniment to the dinner as well. Buck’s prides themselves on their biscuit sandwiches as well. We got a chance to try two of the favorites the smoked pork belly and the OG. The pork belly sandwich reminded me of every trip to the South with the red eye gravy and open faced egg. It was like a country breakfast on a biscuit. The OG stands out with combining the pimento spread and chicken covered with the chaurice sausage gravy.

Hold it ! After all that would we dare try the desserts. And the big answer is YES. The favorite of everyone is the s’more biscuit . This is one for the record books. It has a taste like an old fashioned moon pie. Between the biscuits is a layer of chocolate and caramel with toasted marshmallow which is guaranteed to remind every little camper of their summer camp days.

Bucks’ is opened late and also offers their specialties for brunch as well. Come try their famous brunch punch or sip a mimosa with your meal. Buck’s is located where the former Carriage House was at 1700 W Division Street in Wicker Park. So come git it , y’all.

buck's couch

The homey interior invites diners to enjoy a good meal and a good time with friends

pimento cheese

The pimento cheese spread comes with toast and old fashioned break and butter pickles

chicken and biscuits

You just can’t help but love the Southern cuisine at Buck’s . It has that old country taste

s more biscuit

Visit your summer camp days with the s’more biscuit


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