Devon Has a Little Competition

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 Everyone seems to think that the best Indian food comes from Devon Avenue or “Little India”. Well last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find gourmet Indian – Pakistani food and it was nestled in Lincoln Park. Tandoor is ran by the Sardharia  brothers who have taken their relatives cooking and put a modern spin on traditional dishes. Entering the restaurant, the music had more of a relaxing spa feel rather than the raucous Indian music . It was defintely more upscale as well than the small restaurants lining the Pakistani street. Perfect for a first date or gathering to try something new with friends.

 Jen couldn’t wait to tell our host how much she loved lassi and he promptly obliged. I was also excited to know there wasn’t just mango lassi but other flavors like strawberry and blueberry. Sipping on the lassis, we were trying to choose what to start with . In Indian cuisine, dinner begins with Vegetable samosas. These pastries would be perfect for lent since they contained peas, carrots , and potatoes in a flaky crust. Along with the samosas were the chutneys, Fondly i remembered the raita that I usually put on my favorite indian dishes. I was feeling a little adventurous so I took a tiny taste of the Achar chutney. The Achar has a rich history at Tandoor since it is the brothers’ grandmother’s recipe. The chutney had peppers and pickled carrots and had me running for the water after just two bites. Not for the faint hearted folks.  Our culinary adventure continued with a fusion creation which Tandoor proudly boasts of. The chaat fries were a combination of curly fries that were baked with Indian spices. They were delicious and were spicy enough to be enjoyable. Salad also comes with the meal and the kachumber salad was a pleasure to look at and enjoy. I always thought that salads needed to have dressing , croutons , and cheese to be able to be enjoyed. The kachumber was a pleasant surprise and it was also healthier than regular salads.

We were now ready to tackle some of the entrees, but not before we chose some naan. Like everything at Tandoor , the bread is fresh and we were very happy with our selection of garlic naan.  There was more than enough food to go around with the tandoor chicken boti. The chicken was succulent and the spices blended perfect with the rice on the side. The chana masala was mild enough for Jen to call it her favorite. It was another dish that we can consider when we want a vegan meal during Lent. The meal ended with lamb kahrai that was a pleasure to eat with its rich sauce and tender lamb chunks. Satisfying and there was room for dessert.

You won’t go away hungry and you will also go home with leftovers for the next day here. Knowing this, we licked our lips as we saw the luscious dessert placed in front of us. Everyone I know loves cheesecake, but this was heavenly cheesecake. No it didn’t have any chocolate. There is a chocolate lava cake we may save for another time , but this time we dove into a luscious mango cheesecake. The filling was as light as air and filled with juicy mangoes . The ginger crust was thick and sweet. It was the perfect ending to the perfect meal. We will definitely be back.

Tandoor is at 2652 N Halsted and is open most nights until ten. Be prepared to eat and enjoy!

kachumber salad

It looks healthy as well as delicious the kachumber salad

lamb kahari

 Delectable lamb kahari

tandoori chicken boti

The tandoori chicken boti was succulent and tender

mango cheesecake

Mmmmango cheesecake gets our thumbs up !!!;)


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