Hidden Gourmet Treasures Await You at Twisted Tapas

twisted tapas

International tapas fusion awaits you in Rogers Park

Rogers Park is not usually known for fine cuisine. You can get pizza or pasta and maybe a good burger, but you aren’t going to find anything earth shaking. It would figure for a place that is mostly old folks homes and tiny overpriced grocery stores. Food that has that gourmet touch is not usually a priority to people who have to monitor their food.

But thank God there is someone who decided to take a chance and that is restauranteur , Bob Parilla. When asked why he picked Rogers Park, he just answered “that the place just seemed to stick out in his mind after a restaurant broker showed it to him.” He also thinks that food should be fun.  That is why his food is described as international tapas. “We like to take the traditional and try new things that we think our customers will like. We like to have fun with the food.” he smiled . You know you are in for an experience when you walk in and see the mosaic tiled walls. A waterfall live picture lets the diner know that they can relax, enjoy some drinks, and eat some food that will make a lasting impression.

With an extensive wine and cocktail menu , I decided to embrace the experience by trying the sangria. Fruit were floating in the tall glass filled with half white wine and half red. It was a bright pink color and that is why it was called pink sangria. Mmm heavenly! We then began the food part of our adventure with a green mango salad. Large shrimp was threaded through the salad as well as pistachios and a zesty honey soy dressing. The light tasting starter was certainly a healthier alternative to the usual deep fried delicacies we usually have and was definitely welcomed. We continued on with our next dish which were jumbo sea scallops on a bed of creamed spinach. One thing about Twisted Tapas , they use the freshest of sea food. The scallops were juicy and the spinach made me want to eat it with its creamy sauce. Usually when people eat at restaurants they are given huge portions . Tapas allows you to try smaller portions where you can really taste the gourmet. Spices come to life as well as exercises in texture.

We continued with the jalapeno gnocci which I put in the back of my mind that I could save most of it for lunch tomorrow for a Lenten treat. The gnocci was stuffed with the jalapeno taste which made the traditional dish pop with flavor. The last tapas we tried contained only the most tender beef that I have ever ate. It tore apart easily. The Imperial Wagyu was a short rib that was paired with a sweet potato gratin with a cheesy base.

Dessert was a treat and just like every other dish there, was something out of the ordinary. There was some really unique desserts but I think we picked a winner. I will tell you I have tried a lot of desserts, but this chocolate pie was one of the best I have ever tried. The crust was flaky and the chocolate was the most chocolatey pie I have ever tasted.  The bananas were dipped in Rumchata to give the dessert that extra oomph.

While we were at Twisted Tapas , we saw many four footed friends walking outside the door. Bob said that dogs are definitely welcome. Twisted Tapas is located at 1146 W. Pratt Blvd., just steps away from Lake Michigan. For a true taste experience , stop in soon.

Green mango salad

mosaic walls

jalapeno gnocci


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