Cristina …It’s Been A Good Run

greys anatomy 2005 “Grey’s Anatomy” will be ending another season, and once again it is time to bid farewell to another doctor. This time we are saying a sad farewell to Sandra Oh’s, Dr Cristina Yang. We are hoping that Cristina’s farewell will not be the typical death that “Greys” has become famous for. After all, the woman has survived so much already.

In tribute  we are proud to present the best and worst moments of Dr Cristina Yang

first meeting of twisted sisters Here is the first time that Meredith and Cristina worked together on a case. Derek had asked for help on a neuro case that was baffling him. The two pulled together to solve it, but then Meredith was given the honor of scrubbing in with McDreamy.

preston and christinaCristina fell in love with a doctor that was her mentor, Dr Preston Burke. He admired Cristina’s talent and they fell in love. When Burke was shot, Cristina covered for him in surgery.

wedding day burke But Cristina had her heart broken by Preston Burke on their wedding day when the groom stood her up. Here is Meredith , her “person”

derek-meredith-and-cristina-in-bed-together Here is a reason that these two girls are known as the “Twisted Sisters” After a particularly trying day, Cristina crawled into her ‘sister’s bed with her husband. Little known fact, Cristina was the first to call Derek McDreamy.

Greys.Anatomy.S05E01E02.HDTV.XViD-DOT.[VTV]_(converted) (6)Cristina had a dream that after she told Meredith that her and Derek would never work out, they were two old maid surgeons. Meredith didn’t know how to cut a chicken and Cristina took the knife and showed her how its done

owen meets cristinaBut then karma took over and Owen Hunt , surgeon walked into her life and took out the icicle and stole her heart

cristina and owens weddingOn a very happy day after tragedy had come to the hospital , Owen and Cristina were married.

operating on mcdreamyOn one of the most terrifying days in the history of Seattle Grace, Cristina had to do open heart surgery on Derek Shepherd after a mad shooter had shot him in the chest. She had to do it with a gun to her head.

derek and cristina After the shooting, Christina had some doubts about going back into the OR , here is her bff’s husband who took her fishing to talk her back into surgery again

drunk christina Here is Cristina with Joe as she tries a new vocation , bartender. The night ended with a drunk Cristina being carried caveman style by her new husband , Owen

cristina at plane crashHere is Cristina in the plane crash that changed everything. The doctors were en route to help with a difficult surgery and their plane crashed. Mark Sloane and Lexi Grey died. Derek Shepherd hurt his hand and Arizona lost her leg.

yang and craiigFor a while , Yang went to study at the Mayo Clinic. It was here she got to know another great heart surgeon, played by William Daniels, best known for playing Mark Craig on St Elsewhere. She was very sad when he died and returned to Seattle with tequila in hand.

she's our person On a stormy night, Bailey Shepherd was born. Of course, she had to be there for the birth of her sister’s baby. But in the middle of the storm , she was called into surgery to operate in the dark. One of the most beautiful bonding moments was her and Derek worrying about Meredith and saying “She can’t die , she’s our person.”

Avery AwardCristina gets love and support from the two most important people in her life Owen Hunt and Meredith Grey. She was nominated for the famous Harper Avery Award. Sadly, she didn’t win it.











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