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A few weeks ago, we gave our picks for the sexiest men on television. After considerable thought, we present our picks for the sexiest women on television right now

STANA KATIC at Intimate Cocktail and DinnerThis is Jen’s pick for sexiest. Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle. Stana is a very intelligent woman, she speaks five languages, she sings, and what a package for those brains.

kerry washingtonAll my Gladiator friends would agree that Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope is very sexy. She stands for many important causes as well. Her character on Scandal is the picture of style, brains, and she has managed to capture the heart of the Commander of Chief as well. Check out her love scenes on Scandal…sizzling.

sandra oh So sad to see her go this year, the very sexy Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy. Her Christina Yang has embraced the ultimate female bromance on the show. Her and Ellen Pompeo make up the pair called the “Twisted Sisters” . Yang is defintely the bad ass in the OR and that is what makes her sexy.. her passion

pl_05-cover_0671.JPGThese little demons are part of the cast of “Pretty Little Liars” They are beauties who harbor secrets.

sophia-bush-chicago-pd-leadSophia Bush is one of the new girls. She helps bust the baddies on Chicago PD. Romance might be in the cards for her character,Lindsay. She just might get involved with a very sexy fireman

lauren-german-chicago-fire-season-1-photoshoot_3Lauren German is Lesley Shay on “Chicago Fire” She is a woman who is in a man’s world. She can hold her own and every woman would love to have a best friend like hers.

sue ellen dallasHere is a woman who is still considered sexy for her age , she is well into her seventies but can still charm a man. She is the matriarch of the Ewing family on “Dallas” and a television legend…Miss Linda Gray

courteney coxSexy isn’t the only thing about this former “Friend” Courteney is intelligent, funny, and is the only former star of the classic series to reinvent herself from “Monica” Courteney Cox on TBS “CougarTown” leads the laughs for the cul de sac crew

THE BIG BANG THEORYKaley Cuoco as Penny is every NERD’s dream on “The Big Bang Theory” Just like Urkel got Laura and Ross got Rachel , Leonard finally has his own “Hot” girl.

joan from mad menChristina Hendricks as Joan from AMC’s “Mad Men” is the picture of womanhood. No anorexic figure for this sixties career gal.

robin how i met your motherNothing wrong with another Canadian girl. Cobie Smulders  hails from up north and has been part of the cast of “HIMYM” since the beginning. Her character. Robin,  ends the show marrying her soul mate and taming the man whore Barney.

anna-faris-mom-1-mainSexy can also be funny as Anna Faris has proven this season as the star of one of the break out hits “Mom”. Anna has made us laugh and shown you don’ t have to be ugly to do it.

kono hawaii five oGrace Park proves you can be sexy with a gun on “Hawaii Five O ” As Kono, she is part of the boys club but can let her hair down as well.

divya from royal painsReshma Shetty is an exotic beauty as Divya on “Royal Pains” She has proven that any woman who was robbed of the silver spoon she had been fed can pick herself up again.

santana gleeNaya Rivera is the spicy, sexy Santana on “Glee” She ruled the school as a “Cheerio” , now she is striving for fame in the Big Apple. She definitely has a passion for life.

tamala jones lainieTamala Jones is brains and beauty combines. As Lainie, she is part of the team on “Castle” . She digs up the clues to solve the case. And she has done it so well that she has charmed one of the twelfth’s finest…Esposito.

julie-gonzalo-as-pamela-rebecca-cooperJulie Gonzalo plays the very seductive Pamela Rebecca Ewing. She has been so successful that she has succeeded in seducing both of the Ewing cousins.

max from two broke girlsKat Dennings is the poor girl with a heart of gold, sort of . Max took in Caroline and taught her the ways of the world on “Two Broke Girls ” on CBS.  With a sarcastic remark , she captures any man.

Sara_Ramirez_1022908071510.gifSara Ramirez is the doctor with heart on “Grey’s Anatomy” Dr Callie Torres is passionate about medicine and life. She has achieved her dreams and proved that women can have it all. Plus what a beautiful set of pipes..for singing.

shakira-the-voiceAdd a little Latin spice and you have the sexy female member of the Voice. Shakira can shake things up and she holds her own with the boys club on the show.

lindsay Before there was Miranda and Charlotte, there was Samantha Jones. Lindsey Gort plays a very fitting prequel to the girl who would put “sex” into “Sex and the City ” on Carrie Diaries.

















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