You Should Be Terrified! Scandal Returns!

scandalGladiators rejoice! After a long drought and watching Netflix, “Scandal” returned last Thursday. Of course, all during Award season we were treated to the gorgeous stylings of our leader as she walked the red carpet showing her baby bump. Kerry shined at the Oscars last night. But continuing our story.

Sally has declared war on Fitz. She is running against him in the next election. This should be good considering the woman murdered her husband in cold blood. Fitz has a new fixer and her name is Mellie. Mellie has decided that she wants to stay “First Lady”. Mellie wants Olivia as his campaign manager and she also wants him to keep her paws off her husband.  Fear not Olitz fans! There will always be a way to keep our lovers together. Rowan has also declared war on Fitz, since he made Jake head of B613. He knows where all the bodies are buried and he won’t stop until he has destroyed Fitzgerald Grant the third.

James is sick and tired as well. Anxious to get the story of the century, he went to David with proof of Daniel’s murder. David was reluctant, but then James admitted that he wants to expose his husband for the demon he really is.  He is now on the inside as White House Press Secretary.  Is James ready to cross over to the “dark” side?  Harrison is still a big question mark as well. We are learning more about the pieces that fit together to form the mystery of Harrison Wright. What was the real reason he became a gladiator? We also add to the cast Jon Tenney as Andrew Nichols. Andrew is poised to be Fitz’s running mate but the men may share more than political agendas. He is also possibly the new love interest of Melly Grant,  Stay tuned y ‘ all…

mellie and oliviaThis is not a friendly lunch. Mellie has made it very clear that Olivia can run Fitz’s campaign, as long as she keeps her hands off of Fitz.

james and david rosen Since James is White House Press Secretary, will he go over to the dark side to expose his husband and the corrupt Grant administration?

jon tenneyJon Tenney joins the cast as Andrew Nichols, the Lt Govt of California. Since Sally has jumped ship, Fitz wants him to be his running mate. Tenney has previously been on such shows as “The Closer ” and “Major Crimes” on TNT.


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