Sad to be Addicted… My Gladiator Report

scandal logo Well gang! We got the sad news to day that there will be less episodes of our fave show.  Maybe now Shonda can direct some of her attention to her parent show “Grey’s Anatomy” It seems that the Gladiators are taking all over of Momma Shonda’s time.  The reason is not bad ratings, truth is that the show couldnt be doing better.  It is because our heroine, Olivia is soon going to be showing the real life baby. I know , we have been secretly wishing that baby would be written into the script.  But that would be too easy because we ALL know who the father would be.  .  .

This next week, “Abby ” leaves DC for NY as she might be doing another appearance on the ABC hit, “Castle.” It won’t be a nice visit , because Meredith is trying to wreck the lovebirds.  It was so cool to catch Guillermo on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week. He seems so sweet and funny , nothing at all like Huck who enjoys torture. His parents are so proud of him.  Hurray our show was also featured in this week’s EW as one of the Entertainers of the Year. It seems the new catchphrase is “The OMG Show”  You just never know what will happen next.

Olivia seemed to be happy that her mom was back. The flashbacks were charming until they played that Michael Jackson “Ben” and all I could picture were rats.  She has enlisted the help of the gladiators , David Rosen, and her special friend to get her out of the country.  Someone seems to be after Momma Pope. Huck seems to have found a new game called “Torture Quinn”  He had sadistic delight last night , tearing out her teeth with pliers.

The drama of the Oval Office continues.  Meredith Grey, I think you would be ashamed of both your parents.  Cyrus has used James for the last time. He wants a divorce.  Sally  is just gone all crazy with power . She can taste that White House. But Fitz and Mellie have other plans. . .

The team rushes to get Momma Pope out of the country. But at the last minute, a discovery is made.  The evil one was not Daddy, but Momma.  And now she is on her way …

Sally stands over a bloody body… but who is it ?   Tune in faithful gladiators as we see the second part of the finale and then prepare for the draught. Is there any way to send Huck to the execs at ABC so we can still see our show? LOL

For now, It’s Handled!!!

can this marriage be saved Can this marriage be saved?  James is fed up and wants a divorce .. what does that mean to Washington’s favorite gay couple?

it's handled Olivia is not the strong woman she usually is. Here she hears her own white knight say “It’s Handled.”  as he takes care of getting Momma Pope out of the country .

This week: Part Two of the Winter Finale….

NATHAN FILLION (OBSCURED), STANA KATIC, MOLLY QUINN, DARBY STANCHFIELD Is Darby aka Abby returning to her role as Meredith on “Castle” (Seriously Castle writers! How many Grey’s names are you going to use?)   It is rumored that she might be returning to stir up a little trouble for the lovebirds …


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