Jewish Life in American Television

???????????????????????????????????????? Latkes and menorahs, gelt and dreidels, it’s that time of year again. Hanukkah begins on Thanksgiving this year causing people to refer to it as “Thanksgivinakah”  In our grand tradition, Chitownstarconnections presents our special tribute to our Jewish friends… ceremonies and traditions portrayed by our favorite tv characters

er-a-miracle-happens-here-17 ER  A Miracle Happens.. it is Hanukkah and a baby is in an accident.  The family is so thankful that they baby is alright they celebrate the festival at County . Mark Greene is so touched by this , it brings his own Judaism to the surface after years of estrangement

Frasier-Star-Mitzvah Frasier Star Mitzvah Fredriick is the product of a mixed marriage, Lilith is Jewish and Frasier isn’t . It came time for Fredrick’s Bar Mitzvah, and it is tradition for the father to give a speech in Hebrew.  In true Frasier fashion, the confused doctor gives the speech in Klingon, thinking it is Hebrew.

glee actually puck and his brother sing oh dreidelGlee – Glee Actually- In the land of sunshine and dreams, the Puckerman brothers, Jake and Noah sing about dreidels and hanukkah.

Will_&_Grace_-_Marry_Me_a_Little,_Marry_Me_a_Little_More_screenshot Will and Grace  Marry Me A Little Marry Me A Little More. Grace has finally met her Jewish prince, Leo. Now it is time for the couple to be married. She is surrounded by her friends, including her gbff , Will. Grudgingly , he gives her to Leo. Hilarious ensues when Jack uses the yamakkas for shoulder pads

when you wish upon a weinstein Family Guy  When You Wish Upon a Weinstein.. Peter is amazed how smart Jews are. As a result, he wants Chris to become a Jew so he can be a success. One of the best parts of the show is the classic song “I Need A Jew.”

tow the holday armadillo friends “Friends”  The One With the Holiday Armadillo Ben gets to spend the holidays with his Jewish dad. This excites Ross that he can tell his son about his Jewish roots and Hanukkah. Ben gets scared that he was a bad boy and there will be no Santa.  Day before Christmas Eve, Ross goes to rent a costume and surprise there isn’t any. Instead he ends up dressed as a huge armadillo. There is also Joey as Superman and of course, Chandler Claus

the-bat-mitzvah-05-1024Entourage  The Bat Mitzvah. Jeremy Piven is very proud of his Jewish heritage. He has incorporated that into his character on Entourage. Here , Ari Gold proudly presents his little girl on her Bat Mitzvah.  All she really wanted was for Vincent Chase to come to her party.

the survivior curb your enthusiasmCurb Your Enthusiasm The Survivor – Leave to Larry and company to make a seder funny. Larry hosts the Passover seder with a survivor of the Holocaust and a real survivor, someone from the television show

the bris seinfeld Seinfeld The Bris This is a true classic in the vein of Larry David’s humor. Jerry and friends are drafted to find a moyle for a bris.  Hilarity ensues when the moyle proves to be hostile and the bris is ruined.

stretch cunningham's funeral All in the Family-  Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye Archie may have been racist and against religions other than his, but he did appreciate a good joke and a good friend. When he finds out that his work buddy, Stretch Cunningham is gone. He sucks it up and attends his funeral.

i am a lonely jew South Park – I Am A Lonely Jew  Leave it to those “Book of Mormon” boys to make fun of yet another holiday. Kyle Broslofsky is Jewish and he feels lonely at the holidays as the only Jew in the mountain town.  It makes him sing the classic  “I’m A Lonely Jew”

sex and the city charlotte wedding Sex and the City – The Catch  Charlotte is ready to try the wedding thing again. After a quick series of classes, Charlotte marries Harry as a Jewish bride .  Even after a day of calamities, the couple manages to celebrate their union.

mash-season-3-8-life-with-father-circumcision M*A*S*H* – Life With Father A lot of cases came out of the 4077th, but this had to be the most unusual and touching, A young Korean bride brings her son to the Mashers to get him circumcised. This proves difficult for a chaplain who is a priest and a couple of Majors who are major tattetales. But the Bris goes off in the end without a hitch.

the passed over story nanny The Nanny – The Passed Over Story- Max manages to lose it again thanks to Fran But this is a special episode as the Sheffields join the Fines for the first time for Passover

the hanukkah song withj the dreidelles Finally we have the latest tradition. Adam Sandler made it a habit to come on SNL  and sing his Hanukkah song, Here is Adam accompanied by the Dreidelles as they sing about Jewish celebrities.


happy-hanukkh-pics1from us at Chitownstarconnections



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