Boo! We Celebrate Our Favorite Halloween Episodes


8.3.1 Halloween is such a fun time of the year. It is truly a holiday for all ages. Kids dress up in cute or scary costumes  and adults search for that perfect one for that special party . Here at Chitownstarconnections, we like to think of Halloween as the time of year to put in our favorite dvds and watch the television episodes that are our favorite Halloween ones. See if you agree.

08-the-one-with-the-halloween-party1Friends- TOW the Halloween Party- Along with the newlyweds and upcoming birth , the Friends gang celebrate Halloween with a party. Monica makes Chandler dress up as a pink bunny and Ross is Spudnik  The fight between Doody and Bunny is priceless.

slutty pumpkin How I Met Your Mother- The Slutty Pumpkin  No he didn’t meet the mother yet. This was just one of a long line of girls that Ted pursued.  He tells the story of a party where he met a girl dressed as a pumpkin who drank a drink called a tootsie roll. It’s classic Barney as he wants Ted to come with him to a party with Victoria Secret models.

shaft and pippi ER – Masquerade – In the early days of ER, this is a classic episode. It shows the usually button down surgeon Peter Benton (Eriq LaSalle) letting  loose and having  some fun. Lizzy (Alex Kingston) is his halloween date as his nephew chauffeurs them down the streets of Chicago to the tune of “Shaft”

frazier Frazier -A Room Full of Heroes- It’s classic Frazier merriment as Frazier hosts another one of his theme parties. This time the gang dress as their heroes.  Frazier is Freud and Niles is Martin complete with stuffed Eddie

big bang theory The Big Bang Theory- The Middle Earth Paradigm – Flashback before there was a Bernadette, Amy, or Penny was still just the neighbor next door.  Penny hosts a Halloween party where they guys mingle with the regular people.  But they still add their own touches when Howard dresses as Robin Hood (mistaken for Peter Pan)  and Sheldon is the Doppler Effect.

boo humbugWill and Grace -Boo Humbug – Will and Grace get to baby sit  but they make it a fun evening for Will’s clients spoiled kids. Meantime, Jack takes Karen on her first gay Halloween. The drag queens worship her thinking she is one of them.

bewitchedBewitched – To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat- In his first season as Darrin, Dick  Sargent manages to get caught in the middle of one of Endora’s spells.  She turns him into the stereotypical witch warts and all. It all works out in the end as he goes with the kids to trick or treat for unicef

halloween candyEverybody Loves Raymond- Halloween Candy- The late Peter Boyle was well known as the monster in the Mel Brooks classic “Young Frankenstein”  It would only figure that Frank Barrone would dress as him. But add to the fun that he gives the kids foil wrapped condoms as treats.  It’s a scream!

90210 halloweenBeverly Hills 90210 Halloween – Those cool kids of the nineties have to celebrate in style.  Love this pic of Dylan and Brenda as Bonnie and Clyde

vampier weekendCastle- Vampire Weekend- Leave it to the mystery writer and his love for all things Halloween. In this fun episode, the team goes on the hunt for a zombie killer.  Castle is the ultimate mystery writer Edgar Allen Poe.

the good guy fluctuationThe Big Bang Theory- The Good Guy Fluctuation- Sheldon becomes the victim in a prank war with the guys.  Then its war Cooper style!

glee-rocky-2Glee- The Rocky Horror Glee Show- Will decides that Rocky Horror is the perfect money maker for glee club.  But then the evil Sue tries to shut down the show . She temporarily gets her way , but then the show goes on with a few changes. Barry Botswick and Meat Loaf from the original movie guest along with John Stamos as Emma’s boyfriend of the moment

great pumpkinIt’s a classic and has to be mentioned for Halloween. Linus tells the gang about the pumpkin who rises out of the patch to bring toys to the good kids who believe. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!

the holographic excitation The Big Bang Theory- The Holographic Excitation- Leonard tries to blind Penny with science so he can seduce her.  It is hysterical to see Raggedy Ann and R2D2 Andy as well as the Smurfy Wolokowskies. Oh and Raj makes a dashing Indiana Jones

tree house of horrors The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horrors- The Simpsons has a yearly scary romp since day one . But Jen’s favorite is when a certain friend asks “Could I be More of a House?’  Then the Springfield family is terrorized by Pierce Brosnan 007 himself

cougar townCougar Town – You Don’t How it Feels- Jules helps her father as he recovers from his wife’s death. Note: the actor playing Jules’ father is the same one who played the terror of Sacred Heart in Lawrence’s other hit  “Scrubs”  Bob Kelso.  Ellie and Laurie are at it again at Grayson’s bar.

roseanne halloween Roseanne- Trick or Treat- Another tradition was the Roseanne Halloween episode. The Connor family always rose to the occasion when it came to the holiday. Here John Goodman was Curley to the other two stooges.

Here ‘s hoping you get lots of tricks but no treats…

Happy Halloween!!!!!!


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