Why Scandal Will Have You Begging For More

scandal cast Shonda Rhimes  has done it again!  This time its more delicious than before.  It is politics, sex, and the juiciest sex scenes allowed on prime time. It’s Scandal!1 So get ready Gladiators! I am about to dish about your favorite addiction.

I think that Shonda likes to work with actors she knows can do the job.  For instance, Jeff Perry, worked with Shonda before as the father of Lexy and Meredith on “Grey’s Anatomy”  He has his plate full as the advisor to the President , Cyrus .  Perry is also known as one of the founders of the prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre here in Chicago.  Others that have made the jump from GA have included Scott Foley and Kate Burton.  But others in the cast have proven track records as well.  Joshua Malina had plenty of experience from “The West Wing” and Columbus Short proved himself in the late lamented series “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. Darcy Stanchfield has made her mark in the past as the troublemaking ex on “Castle.”  Additions this season like Lisa Kudrow show that casting is one of the big reasons of the success of the show. I can’t wait to see how old “Pheebs” will fit into the the picture.  Of the female leads of the classic show, Kudrow has shown herself to be the most versatile of the three actresses.

“Scandal ” also has one the juiciest love triangles on the tube.  You can’t get anymore delicious than the President, First Lady , and his mistress.  Perry has his work cut out for him to keep everyone happy and everything hidden.  Olivia has one fatal flaw and that is that sometimes she lets her heart rule her heart.  Mellie reminds me a lot of two powerful women who used their husbands for their own political gain, Hillary Clinton and Evan Peron.  She has her own agenda and Fitz is part of it.  The scenes when Olivia and Fitz get together, were so sizzling that I had to fan myself. It is obviously not just a fling, this is love.

Olivia’s version of the A Team or the gladiators , are a rag tag bunch of legal mercenaries.  They range from criminals and terrorists to legal masterminds.  They  break the law for the common good.  Their allegiance to Olivia is because each and every one of them owes her a debt for saving their hides.  Complex relationships tended to develop from this group.  They are what Harrison Wright calls “Gladiators in suits” .

Roles are reversed as in the case of Cyrus and his husband, James.  Bucantinsky just garnered an Emmy win for the hilariously henpecked househusband.  James had his career on track when he almost won the Pulitzer, instead he traded that in for a baby.  Cyrus is at this point unsure if that is possible. He said that he has one already, “Fitz”.

Bellamy Young doesn’t prove to be the typical villainess. She is just a woman who is split between her own interest and the love of her husband. In her heart, she knows she will never have Fitz’s love . But just like a tigress, she keeps on fighting.  Olivia knows she is the other woman . She  tries to pull away, but then she lets Fitz pull her right back in.   Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is one of the great females roles that Shonda is known for. She certainly knows how to write for the women with her other roles from other shows.  One of her strongest was from the late “Private Practice” Walsh’s Addison started out as a cold bitch and morphed to the sweet , confused woman who finally found happiness.

“Scandal” is also a place for the fashion watchers. On a regular basis , Kerry Washington is draped in Burberry, Prada, and Gucci.  Magazines are scrambling to report the “Scandal” and young girls are grabbing up white trench coats in droves. Olivia is not only a positive role model , but a new fashion icon.  She crosses the masses as not only a black role model, but a model for all women.  Will Olivia finally find happiness? What relationships will come from the ranks of the gladiators?  What part will Olivia’s father play in all this ? Well hang on , Gladiators because I think “Scandal”  will be on for quite a while.  After all, “Grey’s ” is headed for season ten with no end in sight.

gladiators Here is Olivia and her Gladiators. Columbus Short previously was a writer on the ill fated “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” and there are rumors that Darcy Stanchfield will be returning to “Castle” to make sure that the road to the altar isn’t smooth sailing.

mellie and fitz  True love never runs smooth. This is the proof as Mellie fights to save her marriage to Fitz.  His heart belongs to another , Olivia.

fitz billy and cyrus Jeff Perry shines as Cyrus Beane. Cyrus would lay down his life for Fitz.  He is also caught in a marriage with a husband who wants a baby. Can he give up everything for love or is it over? Also in the picture is Matt Letscher as Billy. Matt did double duty last year as Carrie Bradshaw’s father on CW’s “The Carrie Diaries.”

fitz and olivia in the sack Hottest sex scenes on prime time. Goldwyn and and Washington steam up the sheets and the Oval Office.


fashion of olivia Kerry Washington has proven to be the new fashion plate of primetime television.


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