A Taste of Autumn Awaits You at Glazed and Infused

glazed-and-infused-chicago-logo Fall is such a rich and colorful season. The air turns colder, football games occupy everyone’s time, and food is no exception.  Spices are richer and warm beverages replace iced ones.  Rich colors and rich aromas fill the air.  Well the folks at Glazed and Infused have taken the flavors and smells of autumn in their latest creations. Since we had never been to this doughnut emporium before, we leaped at the chance to get to try their autumn bounty and sample some old favorites.

I have heard many foodies talk about these magical doughnuts, but my wish for a better figure had kept me away.  After all, how you can chow on doughnuts when you are constantly surrounded by twenty something twigs at events.  I decided with colder weather coming and covering up more, it was the time to throw caution to the wind.  With it’s humble interior, you wouldn’t believe that this was home of the designer doughnut.  The premise of Glazed and Infused has a colorful story. Tom Cullieny, was part of research and development for Krispy Kreme and partnered with Scott Harris , they developed the idea of boutique doughnuts.

Cooler temps and sunshine made it easy to get into the autumn mode.  Sipping a fruit infused tea, one of the adorable doughnut gals presented their delicious wares . The first one was a gluten free chocolate doughnut with chocolate chips. I don’t know what it was about it, but the chocolate seemed more fudgy and pronounced.  It was a great intro . Next came a pumpkin chocolate chip one. With its pumpkin cheese cake flavor, it seemed to just announce the pleasant autumn rich taste. I got very excited when I heard the next one. Taking one bite, I was immediately transported back to fall days in Ohio.  The caramel filling was a treat in itself. There were actual chunks of apple in the doughnut as well. Deeelish!  Our final doughnut  was another tasty memory of fall’s past. It was an experiment, a sweet potato doughnut covered with a marshmallow glaze . The glaze gave it a smore type feel with its taste. The sweet potato and marshmallow combo almost gives the taster the vision of a sweet potato casserole covered with mini marshmallows on the table with the turkey and all the trimmings.  A for originality for this spin on a traditional home style dish.

I wanted to try some of the other goodies that Glazed is known for. Manager Jay was more than happy to cooperate. We were actually sent home with a box of happiness. I call the bacon and maple creme long john  “breakfast on a stick”  I loved how easily the bacon mixed with the maple flavor. However, my favorite was the classic PB and J, It was a doughnut with peanuts on top, a peanut butter glaze and filled with grape jelly. I could so go for one of these right now with a tall glass of cold milk.  Yumm!

Each season, these doughnut designers make something to celebrate the season. In other words, these doughnuts are only available for a limited time.  Jay informed me that G and I also will be making their traditional Halloween doughnuts as well.  So if you want to taste fall as well as feel it, come in to one of the many Glazed and Infused locations.

Black Finn Mad Men and Glazed 061 Here are the new designs from the Fall line at  Glazed and Infused .   It’s not just pumpkin, but pumpkin cheesecake

Black Finn Mad Men and Glazed 064

It conjures up images of family and turkey on the table, the sweet potato casserole doughnut

Black Finn Mad Men and Glazed 066Luckily we got a chance to try some old faves as well, my personal favorite is the PB and J…


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