Worth the Wait… TV Begins Again

tv-network-logos-update This week was the official return of television’s best and just shows that were fortunate enough to get that second chance.   Questions were answered and there was surprises galore.  One series starts its journey toward the end as How I Met Your Mother concludes. Such series as “Grey’s Anatomy” The Big Bang Theory” and “Scandal” came back with double episodes for fans.  Here is a brief round up of what happened last week

castle Castle returned with a big yes! Kate traveled to Washington but not without accepting Rick’s proposal. But in true Castle fashion, he just had to investigate one of Kate’s new fun FBI cases. This time it may cost him his life as he is infected with a virus that will kill him within twenty four hours. Ouch!

glee-season-5-beatles-trailerWith a two part tribute to the Beatles, Glee came back in a big way. Rachel still awaits the part of Fanny Brice which resulted in a song and dance number to impress the director.  (Clare Danes really?)  But the big news is that Glee super couple is finally engaged.  Blaine proposed to Curt and they are engaged.

the-big-bang-theory-season-7 The Big Bang Theory was a fun hour that showcased all of their talent. Sheldon was afraid to admit he was lonely to Penny, so she invited him to stay with her . Leonard returned early and made Penny promise that she wouldnt tell Sheldon so they could have some time to themselves. The most hilarious part of the episode was when Howard and Raj had discovered their feminine side thanks to an extra dose of estrogen that was just lying around.

NangnangnangnangThere is no more Jake , but Alan and Walden do have a new guest. She is the illegitimate daughter of Charlie and just as wild as daddy. She drinks, she gambles, and she sleeps with women. I am sure the boys of Two and a Half Men won’t mind naked women running through their house. It will be like Charlie never left.

nashville-season-2-rayna-coma-dw Nashville returns with Rayna in a coma and Deacon in jail. He is being charged with vehicular homicide and drunk driving. The family stands vigil by her bed including Ted and Rayna’s father and sister.  Scarlett is ready to leave the Bluebird for her career, but all she wants to do is help her dear uncle . Juliette is milking the accident for everything its worth. Get ready for another great season of music.

greys_anatomy_blackout_a_l Grey’s returned with everyone scrambling to save the Chief . Avery questioned April’s motives on breaking her engagement with hot paramedic Matthew. She realized her mistake and returned to him.  Things are cool concerning Callie and Arizona but hot with Owen and Christina.  Should be interesting since this is Sandra’s last season.

Chicago Fire - Season 1 The boys from Squad 51 returned to some bad news. The city wants to close three stations and theirs is one that is targeted.  They get some boys from a closed house, but one is really a mole to spy on them to a city official.  Severide and Casey are targets to an arsonist.  Severide ‘s status as a father is still be questioned as he realises he might not be the father.

how-i-met-your-mother-s9-the-locket-mother-lily How I Met Your Mother streams into the last season with everyone excited about Barney and Robin’s wedding. The most exciting news is that after almost ten years, we are finally meeting the one woman who could put up with Ted.  Lily encounters her on a bus as she escapes the road trip from hell with Ted.

simpsons-homerland-carrie-saul-homelandBut the winner for most hilarious season premiere goes to the Simpsons. For twenty five seasons, they have poked fun at pop culture and tonight’s was hysterical. Titled “Homerland” , Matt Groenig did a spoof where Homer goes to a convention and Lisa believes that her daddy was brain washed to be a terrorist . Kristen Wiig adds to the fun as the Clare Danes -Carrie look alike who tries to prove Homer has been turned.  A tribute to the third season return of “Homeland” that aired the same night.




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