Cozy Little Hutch Delivers The Goods

logoSometimes you have a taste for something, but you don’t know what you want. You’re tired of pizza, had it with Chinese, and will scream if you see one more drive thru. For those occasions  there are the cute little eateries that spread the wealth with original dishes. One of these places is Hutch.

Hutch is sandwiched between Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, and Boystown. With it’s picture windows, diners can view pedestrians and canine creatures while they eat. Its homey decor beckons the gourmet with the wooden chairs and tables. Its best to start with a libation and there were a lot to choose from. I chose a yummy blood orange mint iced tea, it was so refreshing and fresh. It was a great non-alcoholic choice!

The food here is so fresh and flavorful. Everything is made from scratch. As the appetizers were brought to us I couldn’t wait to try them. Bubbling hot in the pan, was Skillet shrimp with its tangy creole butter and plenty of bread for dipping. Nom nom! I couldn’t stop talking about the pork wings. The Loisy glaze was billed as spicy, but I thought of it more as a sweet treat. Hutch prides themselves on their flat breads and salads. The BLT flat bread was good, (no it wasn’t what you’d think a BLT was) BLT stands for bacon jam, tomato, arugula and balsamic. I fell in love with the Hutch Salad. Such an original creation with it’s pears, goat cheese, hazel nut brittle all on mixed greens with a champagne vinaigrette . They describe their burger as being great, and it sure was! The caramelized onions meshed with the white cheddar and what made it was the special sauce. Even the french fries were special  with their house made giadinera ketchup, ketchup with a kick!

Hutch had the prefect ending to a prefect day. We finished off our meal with two of the most  tantalizing desserts you could imagine. Holding on to last taste of summer, I chose Strawberry Shortcake and Jen chose the Chocolate Ding cake. The strawberry shortcake reminded me of  an old fashioned short bread cake. Delicious! The ding cake was fashioned to look like a Hostess cupcake with a moist chocolate cake and creamy filling.Following this we retired to the beautiful Hotel Lincoln for the night.

Hutch is located at 3301 N Clark St. They also have brunch goodies as well, so for a quiet place to meet and eat, Hutch fits the bill!


Hutch and Lincoln 015The Skillet shrimp with delicious bread for dipping

Hutch and Lincoln 017The pork wings were sweet and tangy

Hutch and Lincoln 019The Hutch Salad is a winner!

Hutch and Lincoln 021They describe this burger as being great and they weren’t lying!

Hutch and Lincoln 024A last taste of summer amazing strawberry shortcake!

Hutch and Lincoln 023   The chocolate ding cake is so good it could give the hostess cupcake a run for its money

Hutch and Lincoln 013Come enjoy the food, the picturesque dining and the views from the picture windows!


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Melanie Christy is am actress/singer who came to Chicago to pursue her dreams of acting. Coming from a small town in Ohio she has been enjoying the things that city life has to offer like great cuisine from all parts of the globe, parties with great people including celebrities, gorgeous fashions and of course fun! Follow her, read her blog and learn about all the amazing adventures you can be a part of throughout Chicagoland! Jennifer Hedrick is the photographer and techie for our blogs. She was born and raised here in Chicago. Her love of photography started when she was a child. She has photographed many celebs, events, fashion shows and more. She also considers herself a bit of a foodie and loves food porn. Her other loves include her nieces and nephews, animals and the shows Castle, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.
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