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Black Finn Arrives in River North

Last week a new restaurant opened in River North. Combination restaurant and sports bar, Black Finn Amerpub pleases the palate        with a menu to tantalize and delight. The restaurant pub made a big splash last Thursday as media VIPs … Continue reading

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Worth the Wait… TV Begins Again

This week was the official return of television’s best and just shows that were fortunate enough to get that second chance.   Questions were answered and there was surprises galore.  One series starts its journey toward the end as How I … Continue reading

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A Newbie’s View of the “Gourmet”

For the past few years, I have heard people discuss Chicago Gourmet . They have talked about what a wonderful experience it was and all the great food they got to try. I have to admit that I have never … Continue reading

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Cozy Little Hutch Delivers The Goods

Sometimes you have a taste for something, but you don’t know what you want. You’re tired of pizza, had it with Chinese, and will scream if you see one more drive thru. For those occasions  there are the cute little … Continue reading

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Hotel Lincoln – Great Place for a “Staycation”

We are so blessed to be living in a great city like Chicago. You can find somewhere to go , something to do , and something to buy all the time. There is beautiful beaches and a gorgeous skyline . … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Long Summer…

Well it has been a long summer. We have saw the passing of a television icon and a young man taken in his prime.  We have curled up and enjoyed such summer series as “Royal Pains”, “Franklin and Bash” “Drop … Continue reading

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A Sweet Evening Awaits You

Everyone loves chocolate. You can deny it all you want with gym workouts and Spanx, but when it comes down to the bottom line its something we crave. Well those folks over at Ladies Night Chicago have done it again.  … Continue reading

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