Seventies Idol is the Highlight of Market Days

market days logo I had waited almost thirty years, but the young girl in me got the best of me last Sunday.  North Halsted was the site for the annual “Gaypalooza”  known as Market Days. Unlike the Pride Parade, the festival lasts two days and has some really great acts to entertain the crowds.   Market Days isn’t just about the music , it’s when friends can kick back and fun.  People and puppies roamed the streets from Addison to Belmont.  Vendors displayed their wares and bars served their best libations and gnoshes.  Despite the downpour early Sunday evening, everyone had a good time.

Being at the front of the stage, I knew this was going to be quite an experience.  I was surrounded by my fellow baby boomers as we waited patiently.  Even though we were from different walks of life, we had one thing in common, our love for David Cassidy.  It was actually cool to see middle aged men who probably couldn’t be so vocal about their feelings for him when they were younger.

At six forty five, the man exploded onto the stage.  Even though, he is well into his sixties, David is quite the trooper. I was told that he was fighting exhaustion, the flu, and laryngitis. Still he bounds onto the stage like he was still the twenty one year old pop star. Greeting the audience, he went right into his first number, “C’mon Get Happy.”  The audience members sang the familar theme song as if it was some sort of link to their past.  It was exciting to hear him singing the songs of my youth. It was also touching to hear him talk of the love he had for his “Bro”.  In tribute to the late Davy Jones, David sang “Daydream Believer” and “I’m A Believer” as well .

But the one moment that was absolutely magical was when he sang one of his biggest solo hits, “Cherish”.  The timbre of the concert was lowered with the ballad.  You could feel how everyone of those middle aged people had went back to when life was simpler.  As I stood there watching him croon, he actually looked into these old eyes and I was the little seven year old looking back to those hazel eyes.  For the first time since the concert began, I actually stopped singing along and just listen to the man sing the words I had heard so many times.  I also rested my palm on my heart as the familiar lyrics filled the air.

I have met and interviewed a lot of celebrities since coming to this town, but this is one of the moments of my life that I will remember always.  Embracing your inner child is one of those rare things you take for granted. I think I will do that more often now.

IMG_4328 Everyone has fun at Market Days… and there are plenty of pretty boys around to look at

IMG_4326 There are also lots of cuddly dogs around to pet too. This one was trying to find a forever home from the English Bulldog Rescue

IMG_4353 Here I am at the Hilton booth. I couldn’t wait to tell the PR rep about the great service we got in LA.  A lot of companies were at Market Days to give out swag and do PR work for their products. (PS Notice the groovy Partridge Family shirt I wore to the concert)

IMG_4377Here’s David rocking out on stage

IMAG0506 David can still sing a song like when he was a teen age idol

IMG_4374 What a trooper, fighting illness and still gives a great performance.  Show business is definitely in his blood


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