From Straight to Gay..Actors who pushed the Limits


Everyone knows the names of the actors and actresses that are gay and play heterosexuals.  They include Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons who portray men who lead straight lives.  But here at Chitownstarconnections , we pride our selves on the unusual . So check out this list of straight actors who have pushed the envelope themselves. Some of them may shock you..

billy crystal on soap Billy Crystal made his place in television history as the first “Gay” character with a regular role in a series. Prior to that , it was only guest roles for gays.  Here he is feeling pretty as Jodie Dallas in “SOAP”

hank and robin in the bird cage Here are Hank Azaria of “Simpsons” fame and Robin Williams  playing gay boys in one of my favorite gay movies “The Bird Cage.”  (Note: I got to see Nathan on stage at the Goodman)

WG1-AaronLukePerry “Will and Grace” was such a breakthrough. Here is one of the hottest hunks of the nineties playing the “Hot Gay Nerd” that Jack chased. It’s none other than formerly yummy Luke Perry of the original “90210”

vince and willThis also included the lead in the show Eric McCormack . Eric is married and has a little boy.  So does his lover and soul mate , Bobby Cannivale

Edie Falco Another gay moment for the gang at WAG. This time it is Chloe Sevigny and Edie Falco of “The Sopranos” and “Nurse Jackie” as lesbian realtors who try to tear the duet apart

patrick dempsey and eric mccormackDoes the lover that Will has look familiar ? Well put a scalpel in his hand and he does. Long before McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey was a love interest on “Will and Grace”

under the tuscan moon Gay must be the word at Seattle Grace. Here is Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh as lesbian lovers in “Under the Tuscan Moon.”

valentines day with brad and ericHere is Bradley Cooper and “McSteamy” himself in “Valentine’s Day” as a couple

calllie and arizona wedding Here is Arizona and Callie on their wedding day. Both women have families and husbands in real life.

zack braff in the exesOn “Scrubs” they shared “guy love” but there is only a bromance when Zack Braff guest stars as a gay guy on “The Exes”

wild hogs Here is the one and only John C McGinley aka “Dr Cox” as a gay cop in “Wild Hogs.”  He also played gay in the comedy “Three to Tango.”

willow on buffyAlyson Hannigan first made a name for herself as Buffy’s lesbian friend, Willow , in “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.”

ving rhames in chuck and larryVing Rhames stole the show in the hilarious movie, “I Now Pronounce You , Chuck and Larry” with Adam Sandler and Kevin James

nick swanson in chuck and larry Nick Swardson shows his gay pride as Kevin in the same movie

to-wong-foo-thanks-for-everything-julie-newmar-originalOne of the best gay movies was when three terribly macho actors put on heels and played three “girls” who went on their own journey. It’s John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes, and the late Patrick Swayze on “To Wong Foo, With Love from Julie Newmar.”

tracy morgan in the longest yard Tracy Morgan played it gay in “The Longest Yard.”

tom hanks in philadelphia Tom Hanks raised consciousness and won the Oscar for his role as the gay lawyer in “Philadelphia”

sean penn in milk  oscar winning Recently Sean Penn also won a statuette for his portrayal of the slain gay rights leader, Harvey Milk, in “Milk”

jeremy piven in rush hour 2 Here is Jeremy Piven in “Rush Hour 2” as a fashion consultant

six-degrees-of-separation-original' Here is macho actor Will Smith in “Six Degrees of Separation”

anthony and stannie sex and the city While Marco Cantone is a gay actor, Willie Garson likes the girls. Here is their wedding from “Sex and the City 2”

blaine and curt Chris Colfer has discussed his gayness, but his “lover” Darren Criss , is also a real ladies man.

santana on glee Naya Rivera is a real girly girl not the lesbian she plays on “Glee”

carol and susan“Friends” had a lot of gay undertones but one of the most touching moments on the show was when Ben was born in the first season. Jane Sibbett and Jessica Hecht played convincing lesbians on the show

rage And here is Ross aka David Schwimmer as a mentally troubled gay man in the indie film “It’s the Rage.”

kathleen turner as helena handbasket Here is the fabulous Kathleen Turner playing a drag queen in “TOW Chandler’s Dad”  She is Charles, aka Helena Handbasket , the father of Chandler.

lisa in the opposite of sexLisa Kudrow (Phoebe) plays a lesbian teacher in “The Opposite of Sex”

jen and courteney kiss on dirt Here is a scene that would thrill a lot of males. It’s Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston before they kiss on “Dirt.”  Jen played a lesbian.

paul rudd and tim daly the obj of my affectionPhoebe’s husband,  Mike , also played a gay man. In “The Object of My Affection,” he was a teacher who was dumped by his lover played by Tim Daly.  It must have been hard for Rudd to play gay with Jennifer Aniston as his leading lady.

in and out Tom Selleck helps Kevin Kline out of the “closet” in “In and Out”

morgan fairchild Another gay moment courtesy of “Roseanne” Morgan Fairchild plays Sandra Bernhard’s lover

Johns-starring-David-Arquette-and-Lukas-Haas-08-640x480 A very straight David Arquette is in “Johns”  He also kisses Elliot Gould on the mouth.





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