A Newbie’s View of SCANDAL


I am a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes.  It is sad to admit but I own every season of “Grey’s Anatomy.”  But at first glance, I wasn’t thrilled with megahit “Scandal.”  Last week, I started to watch it again and just like the rest of Chicago (Shonda ‘s hometown) started to fall.

I love a show with scandal.  This has been proven with my love of “Dallas” . That show has been nothing but a bunch of scandals right after the other.  “Nashville” could be considered a cross between  the late show “Smash” and “Dallas”  I never realized that so much wheeling and dealing went on in the music industry.  The show is also blessed with great characters and strong female role models.  “Scandal” reminds me of the late great “West Wing.”  The difference is the lead is a female who gets things done.  Olivia Pope is a great role model for minority women.  She knows what she wants and gets it done.  Shonda must have a great love for her actors.  The great Jeff Perry plays Cyrus Beane, right hand man to Fitz.  Jeff did an outstanding job playing the father to Lexi and Meredith on “Grey’s Anatomy.”   Kate Burton, daughter of legendary Richard Burton and mother to Meredith gives dignity to the show as the Vice President. The addition of these two outstanding actors show this is not just any cast.  Plots always keep the viewers glued to their sets and cast members maintain ties with their fans via Twitter chats during the Thursday night broadcast. It seems to be a tie for water cooler discussions between Don and the gang at “Mad Man” and Olivia and her “gladiators in a suit.”

The show seems to be driven by romance as well.  Olivia is very involved with President Fitzgerald Grant played by Tony Goldwyn.  Due to the precarious situation the lovers are involved in, the affair must be kept secret.  As anyone who watches television knows, secrets are never kept.  The whole affair is ready to burst open with a vengeful First Lady ready to spill the beans.  Add to the plot, the discovery of a mole.  Well you have the kind of plots that ruled soaps for many years.  Shonda really knows how to write television with some of her other shows.  She knows how to keep her viewers on the edge of their seats and gives them lots of romance.

This Thursday, “Scandal” finishes its second season with the traditional cliff hanger.  I know this newbie will be watching .  “Scandal” is on ABC Thursday night at nine o clock.

fitz and olivia Olivia and Fitz burn up the screen as “Scandal’s ” lovers.  Will he give it all up for her?

jeff perry on scandal Steppenwolf Theatre founder Jeff Perry guides the President as Cyrus Beane.

melly and fitzBellamy Young shines as Mellie Grant , the First Lady who will stop at nothing . Here she is bedside by her husband after his assassination attempt.

matt-letscher-in-scandal Thursday it was revealed that Billy is the mole.  Actor Matt Letscher did double duty last season as Carrie’s father on “The Carrie Diaries.” and “Scandal.”  He also appeared on the ill fated “Friends” spin off “Joey.”


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