25 Degrees – A Soda Shoppe for Adults

25_LOGO_RED.j   One of the simplest joys of childhood is a burger , fries, and a shake.  It is the first menu item that we order as a child.  It’s Americana, Norman Rockwell, and “Happy Days.”  Now the Chicagonistas are flocking to a great new place in River North. It specializes in burgers, great fries, and a most unusual twist , a milk shake that is made with liquor. 25 Degrees is named with the premise that twenty five degrees is the difference between a raw and well done hamburger. The burgers are perfection here, but the real story is these amazing milkshakes.  These sweet treats are making a name for themself in People and American Airlines Magazines.  Owners Mac and Joe make everyone feel welcome at this cozy , nostalgic bar.

We began our leisurely lunch with two of these heavenly concoctions.  Jen ordered one of the El Pirata milkshakes. It reminded her of her favorite , Malibu , with its coconutty taste.  What made it special was the pineapple and the coconut ice cream , and of course the two kinds of rum.  I savored my Night Owl with chocolate ice cream and Godiva dark liqueur.  Mac brought us a small sampling of their starters to gnosh while we sipped our shakes.  The best thing about the appetizers was a combination of h’or derves and old favorites. Jen couldn’t stop raving about the potato and three cheese fritters. I savored the savory tuna on crispy eggplant. The wings  were a delight with their tangy chili and honey glaze on them.  But bravo goes to the tempura green and beans. This would have made my mom happy because I finally ate my green beans. The spicy aioli sauce helped and we munched those right up.

Burgers and sandwiches are also an art form here.  Their veggie sandwich featured savory grilled mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and carmelized onions.  It was a healthy feast.  The classic grilled cheese is a gourmet delight , especially paired with the Tuscan tomato soup. The star , however is the burgers.  You can either create your dream burger or choose from one already on the menu.  Pesto and proscuitto  are paired with roasted tomato to make what is known as #2.  The Number Four was an original offering  and tastiest.  Made with yellowfish tuna spread generously with the spicy aioli, it was a tasty option for sea food lovers.

New to Chicago , 25 degrees also has locations in Huntington Beach, Bangkok, and Los Angeles.  They have been open since 2004.  The Chicago restaurant has only been open for a few months. Give yourself a treat and go to 736 N Clark Street.

027 Here is the beautifully presented appetizer tray that we sampled .  If you go get the tempura green and yellow beans.

029 This chocolate milkshake was delicious, but it’s for adults only !  They also have floats and malts as well.

033 The Number Four is paired with the fries which are flavored with spices that allow you to eat them without ketchup.  It is an extra special fish burger with yellowfish tuna and spicy aioli.


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Melanie Christy is am actress/singer who came to Chicago to pursue her dreams of acting. Coming from a small town in Ohio she has been enjoying the things that city life has to offer like great cuisine from all parts of the globe, parties with great people including celebrities, gorgeous fashions and of course fun! Follow her, read her blog and learn about all the amazing adventures you can be a part of throughout Chicagoland! Jennifer Hedrick is the photographer and techie for our blogs. She was born and raised here in Chicago. Her love of photography started when she was a child. She has photographed many celebs, events, fashion shows and more. She also considers herself a bit of a foodie and loves food porn. Her other loves include her nieces and nephews, animals and the shows Castle, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.
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