A Texas Legend

jr ewing 1980

Next week on TNT’s Dallas, history will lay to rest one of the most notorious characters in tv lore.  Up until last November, Larry Hagman played John Ross Ewing Jr or JR. Here is our tribute to the character the world loved to hate.


Eleanor Southworth Ewing and John Ross Sr gave birth to their first born, John Ross Jr.  Here is Miss Ellie with her two sons, JR and Bobby

Dallas It was obvious who was Jock’s favorite though. Gary didn’t have any interest in the oil business. Jock took the young JR to his office where he learned everything he knew about business. JR was a willing pupil and also used every dirty trick in the book.

gary and valene

JR also had a younger brother named Gary. Gary fell in love with the young Valene Clements and the two produced a girl, Lucy. Always scheming, JR drove the lovers apart and brought the young girl back to Southfork. Years later, the couple reunited and moved to Knots Landing.

jr and sue ellen first wedding At the Miss Texas Pageant, the young Ewing found love and married one of the contestants.  Sue Ellen Shepard thought that she won the prize by marrying this oil baron.


But JR’s attention tended to wander. Here he is looking at his sister in law , Kristin with dirty thoughts.  Sue Ellen found out about his infidelities as well. She had an affair with JR’s worst enemy, Cliff Barnes.


But Sue Ellen and JR had a son, John Ross 111 (now played by Josh Henderson)  . Here is JR with his mother in law, Patricia and his mistress, Kristin.


In one of the most famous episodes, “A House Divided” JR was shot by a mystery assailant. His many crimes resulted in one of his many enemies pulling the trigger. It turned out that the gunman was his sister in law, Kristin.

jr and dusty confronts

Sue Ellen knew that the honeymoon was over so she divorced JR and took John Ross with her . They moved to her lover’s family’s ranch. The Farlows proved to be more powerful than the Ewings and JR had to remind Dusty that he could no longer have sex with her.


Sue Ellen saw that JR was a changed man, or so she thought. They remarried in a beautiful ceremony at Southfork.  But someone came to ruin the party, and he was taken care of.

jr and cliff at jr ewings wedding

JR takes a swing at Cliff Barnes.


JR shows how much he loves his son John Ross, who turned out be a chip off the old block.


Here he is as an adult. As you can tell , he grew up to be quite hot.

jr and cally

JR had a second wife who was a country girl, Cally.  Soon she became wise to his tricks.


Here is a family portrait of the Ewings circa 1980.


ewings today

Here is the Ewing family today.


He is survived by his younger brother Bobby, his former wife and mother of his son, Sue Ellen Ewing.  He is also survived by his other brothers, Ray Krebbs and Gary Ewing.


This is the picture that will hang in the REAL Southfork Ranch in Plano Texas.  Fans can visit this shrine to all things DALLAS.

jr at home

You can bet that the spirit of JR Ewing aka Larry Hagman will inhabit Southfork for years to come. RIP JR Ewing!!!!


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