TV’s Most Passionate Kisses


It’s Valentine ‘s time again and this time we salute television’s most passionate couples. Either brought together by fate or riders of love’s roller coasters, these couples bring passion to the small screen. We  have included some new ones and old ones so enjoy …………

David and Maddie

Moonlighting’s Maddie and David bantered and bickered until this moment. This is when the fighting ended and the lovin started.  Glass was broke and furniture was wrecked when these two let loose.


M*A*S*H*’s “Comrades in Arms” brought together two very unlikely people , Hawkeye and Hot Lips . Thrown together by enemy fire, the regular army nurse and non- regular surgeon kiss to block out the shooting.

sue ellen and jr wedding kiss

A blast from the past: One of the most passionate couples of the eighties was JR and Sue Ellen. A Texas beauty , Sue Ellen used her clout and looks to land the oil king. Though there were many affairs , shootings, and fights, these two managed to capture the world and captivate their fans.


“FRIENDS” set the standard for romance in the nineties. Friends became lovers when Monica and Chandler slept together for the first time in London.  Here they are in Vegas when they decide to get married after a crap game.


But the couple that first captured America’s hearts was Ross and Rachel.  Forced to choose between Julie and Rachel, Ross comes to his senses for their first kiss.  It was in the rain and it was hot.


“ER” gave us the first McDreamy in Clooney’s Doug Ross. The love of his life was Carol Hathaway (The Good Wife) Julianna Marguiles. Carol let Doug go and she stayed in Chicago to have his babies.  But true love prevailed and Carol ran to Seattle to be with Doug.


When  Meredith returned to Seattle , she had no idea that she would find true love. She found it in the guise of the dreamy Derek Shepherd. He decided to propose in the elevator where so many kisses had taken place.  Amid the many brain scans, she said yes.

Castle and Beckett

He’s a writer , she ‘s a cop . But Rick and Kate have fought crooks and each other.  Finally this year , they stopped the fighting and decided to just be together .


A member of the evil Warblers, Blaine let love take over and found the boy of his dreams on GLEE.  Even though Blaine is in Ohio and Kurt is in New York, fate promises to bring the lovers back together.

Callie and Arizona

It took a shooting spree in Seattle Grace to bring these two girls to their senses. Calliope and Arizona are two smart women who got married and have an adorable little girl named Sophie. They have her thanks to their late friend, Mark.


These two are now united together in eternity. Dr Mark Sloane and Dr Lexi Grey.


On the new hit , The Carrie Diaries. Carrie gets her first taste of love with the new boy, Sebastian.  He is a boy with a past.


Here is Carrie all grown up with the love of her life, John. For years, the two questioned each other as they bounced from relationship to relationship. Finally in Paris, Big realized that Carrie was the one.

leonard and penny

The Geek gets the girl on Big Bang Theory. Leonard wanted to be with the new girl and decided that was what he wanted . Penny was tired of the losers she usually got and decided to give Leonard a chance.

homeland season 2 kiss

There is nothing more romantic then lovers who are forced to part. Carrie knew that Nicholas couldn’t return to Washington after the explosion at the CIA.  Despite his pleas,  Carrie knew she had to return to clear Brody’s name. Their good bye kiss on Homeland set off fireworks.

jules and grayson kiss

Tired of his little girls, Grayson finally decided to settle down with a real woman.  Cougar Town’s own Jules was just the girl to  train him.


Pete is the newbie but he found a friend in Gabriella on Chicago Fire.  Together the two of them set off the smoke detectors in the Windy City.


Christopher thought he found love on “Dallas” , till he realized that Rebecca was his cousin and used him. Long before she loved John Ross, Elena was in love with Christopher. Together they will bring Ewing back into power.


Rayna and Deacon were once in love, but she couldn’t stand his drinkin and cheatin so she married Ted. Now that he is the mayor of Nashville, Deacon has decided to return to Rayna’s tour. Will sparks fly again and is this the final curtain for Ted and Rayna’s troubled marriage.

Royal Pains - Season 4

Evan and Paige of Royal Pains finally got their wish. They were married in a beautiful winter ceremony in the Hamptons. But not before they had some fun in Vegas.


One of the sweetest love stories is the story of the girl and the cop. Will Truman defended his friend in court , and while he was there he found the love of his life.  Vince was a lovable, but bumbling cop who was also looking for love.


Here’s hoping you make some magic this Valentine’s Day…


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