Private Practice: Addison Gets Her Happy Ending


Life has been rough for Dr.Addison Montgomery. She has been trying to find herself in sunny California. This week Shondra Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy spinoff , Private Practice sinks into the sunset.

Kate Walsh isn’t the only one who gets her storybook ending, Her looking for love ends with a wedding to Jake. Coop and Charlotte settle with their huge family, Sheldon settles for love as long as his girlfriend Miranda will be around, Amelia decides she might want everything after all. Finally Naomi returns and she and Sam are reunited.

Addison has had her share of McDreamy – McSteamy men. Relive the finale with these pictures and along with some memorable guest stars and old friends from Seattle Grace.

Private Practice “In Which We Say Goodbye”

Addison weddingAddison finally finds Mr.Perfect.

2808papSheldon found happiness with Miranda no matter how little time they may have.

CATERINA SCORSONE, MATT LONG Dell may have helped Amelia realize she really does want it all.

private-practice-finale-sam-naomi-wedding-w724Naomi and Sam are Mr.and Mrs once again

Coop and FamilyCooper, Charlotte, Mason, Georgia, Caroline, and Rachel complete the Freeman family.

Private Practice “The Guest Stars You May Recognize”

courtney  Courteney Cox of Friends and Cougar Town, Christa Miller of Scrubs and Cougar Town made a cameo appearance

NoahbarnesCourteney’s second TV husband Josh Hopkins of Cougar Town had a small recurring role as Dr. Noah Barnes

private-practive-345 Alex Kingston known for her role on another hit medical drama ER she played Dr.Elizabeth Corday guest starred as a love interest for Sheldon.

b81f62c0dd8fe257_greys.515.1 Grant Show best known for Melrose Place played Addison’s brother Archer.

to seattle grace we goDr.Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd (Amelia’s big brother)helps Amelia treat Mason’s ailing mother Erica in season 5.

Private Practice “The Best Of”

charlotte-after-the-attack_318x422Charlotte King is brutally rapped by a patient in season 4

violet has a violent deliveryDuring the season finale of season 2 and premiere of season 3 Violet’s baby is cut from her womb and kidnapped by a crazed patient who lost her own baby.

6f6e04f04bd354d22164ce49ed0e0974In the season 4 premiere Pete and Violet get married

Private-Practice_240In the season 4 finale Pete has a heart attack, Coop finds him on the floor with little Lucas sitting near by

PrivatePracticeSeason5e17dDuring season 5 Erica the mother of Coop’s 9 year old son gets treatment for a brain tumor but it was unsuccessful she sadly dies leaving Coop and Charlotte to care for young Mason

PrivatePracticeSeason5e14When Violet and Pete separate Violet starts a torrid affair with a hot young EMT Scott in season 5

tumblr_m43rwthkDN1qdyvdmo1_500Near the end of season 5 gives birth to her beautiful brainless son who she calls her “Unicorn baby” she gives his organs to save other babies

PRIVATE-PRACTICE_510x317Charlotte is pregnant but the shocker is she’s carrying triplets!

and finally…

Private Practice “The Many Loves Of Addison Montgomery”

Addison and DerekAddison’s first husband Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd

Addison and MarkThe man that helped ruin her marriage to Derek , his best friend Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan

Addison and AlexAddison had a brief fling with intern Alex Karev

Addison andPeteBefore he fell for Violet, Dr.Pete Wilder dated Addison

Addison and NoahAddison had a thing with Dr. Noah Barnes but backed off when she finds out he is the husband of on of her pregnant paitents

Addison and SamAddison fell in love and even lived with her best friend Naomi’s ex husband Sam, he proposes to Same but she chooses another man.

Riley FamilyIn the end Addison found her prefect guys… her husband Jake and their baby boy Henry.



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