Hispanic Television Characters


September 15-Oct 15 is Hispanic Heritage month . In the grand tradition, we at chitownstarconnections  honor diversity and celebrate it. In that spirit, we present television characters past and present that have Hispanic roots .

Sara Ramirez is an awesome soprano and a terrific actress. She is going to have some great storylines as she deals with  tragedy as Dr Calliope Torres on Grey’s Anatomy.

Judy Reyes was the loving nurse and wife to Turk on Scrubs , Carla Espinosa. She was also the bff to Elliot and mother to her beautiful Isabelle.

“Looking Good” was the catchphrase of the seventies and Chico and the Man. The late Freddie Prinze , father of Freddie Prinze Jr. , was an early icon . He was also a stand up comedian  as well as an actor. He left this earth before his time.

Jordana Brewster is the lady that comes between the cousins as Elena Ramos on Dallas. She stole the heart of Christopher and John Ross . Elena grew up on Southfork where her mother worked in the kitchen.

Adam Rodriguez cut quite a hot figure as Eric Delko on CSI Miami . His crime solving skills were useful on land as well as underwater.

Benjamin Bratt has a great job on Private Practice. Dr Jake Reily helps women get pregnant and then comforts them as an ob-gyn. He is a happy man now because he is with a wonderful woman named Addison.

Mario Lopez was a teen Hispanic heart throb as wrestler AC Slater on Saved by the Bell .

Naya Rivera is the saucy Santana Lopez on the hit show Glee. She is also very much in love with her girl friend , Brittany Pierce

Shelley Morrison is an actress from way back. In the sixties, she played Sister Sisto on The Flying Nun.  More recently, she was the fun loving Rosario Salazar on Will and Grace. As Karen’s maid, she had to put up with her drunken antics and marry Jack to stay in the country.

Babalu! Desi Arnaz portrayed the first Hispanic character in a major role as Ricky Ricardo.  In real life, he was married to Lucille Ball and was a pioneer with his camera innovations that sitcoms still use today.

The late Robert Hegyes played the hilarious Juan Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter. In the first episode he was named most likely to take a life and always had a note on hand.

Valente Rodriguez is the devoted employee, Cesar on Nick at Nite’s Happily Divorced . Cesar works for Fran and supports Peter in his pursuit of the gay lifestyle.

Wilmer Vanderama played foreign exchange student , Fez on That Seventies Show. Born to boogie , Fez loved panties, candies, and boobies , just things that any teen would love.

Tonita Castro is the latest Hispanic character and she is on the new NBC show, Go On.  Fausta is a member of Ryan’s support group and she has had to deal with grief like the rest. Together they will help each other.




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