TED – “Beary” Good at being BAD!

      Seth MacFarlane has made his mark on pop culture .  Three of his creations are a part of the television scene. “Ted” is McFarlane’s first attempt at the big screen. He directs, writes and stars as “Ted” , the lovable teddy bear that comes to life.  But don’t be deceived by his sweet exterior ,”Ted” is a foul mouthed, horny, pot smoking ball of fur.

Mark Wahlberg plays John Bennett. As a little boy, John makes a wish that his best friend, his teddy bear , would come to life. Now this is adorable when you are eight, but when you are thirty five , it’s not. Mila Kunis plays the girl who wants John to grow up and also wants the bear gone.  “Ted” likes to get high , get hookers, and drink. He is the perfect buddy for a guy who never wants to grow up.   There are lots of great cameos in the movie and a villain that will make you boo and hiss, played by outstanding actor , Giovanno Ribisi.

For a great date night movie that both of you will enjoy, see “Ted”  It will make you almost pee your pants from laughter.  You will cheer and you will cry.  But it will be a movie that you will want for your collection for those days when you need to laugh.

Ted and John are thunder buddies for life

Ted always knows how to have a good time.

  Some men just refuse to grow up…..


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