Salute to Television Dads

Daddies are wonderful . They love you and teach you .  There have been quite a few daddies on television from the early years to now.  Here is my loving tribute to fathers everywhere, including one to my own daddy who is in heaven, Bill Ferguson.  I love you still.

Here is Ricky and his son Little Ricky.  Real Life father Desi Arnaz played a father on “I Love Lucy”  .

Future superstar director Ron Howard with his father, Howard Cunningham played by the late Tom Bosley.

Dick York was the mad man who was a daddy. Darren loved his little Tabitha even though she ended up being another witch on “Bewitched.”

Archie Bunker may have been difficult , but he loved his little “Goil”  . Here he is with his little Gloria played by Sally Struthers.

Fred was the perfect daddy to his little Pebbley Poo, she seemed to be as pretty as her mommy. Here are the popular daddy and daughter duo on the early 60’s hit “The Flintstones”

Bonding was very important in the seventies, here is Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and his dad (Kurtwood Smith) Red on “That Seventy Show”

One of the most popular television dads of all time was Jock Ewing. Played by the late Jim Davis , Jock was a woodsman, wildcatter, and businessman . Here he is with two of his sons, JR and Bobby. Both can be seen on the TNT show Dallas.

Jock Ewing had another son , Gary, who went on to his own series, “Knots Landing”  Here is Ted Shackleford giving away his oldest daughter , Lucy on “Dallas” He also had two other children, Bobby and Betsy.

Here is that dad from “Family Ties” Michael Gross with Michael J Fox . Michael also played Noah Wyle’s father in the nineties on “ER”

Bob Saget played ultimate daddy , Danny Tanner on “Full House” Here he is with Candace Cameron and Jody Sweetin.

Richard Mulligan played a father and a stepfather on “SOAP” Here he is as Dr Harry Weston on “Empty Nest” His two daughters are Carol and Barbara played by Kristi McNichol and his former co star from  SOAP Dinah Manoff.

Anthony Edwards had his hands full as an attending on ER and also a father to his daughter , Rachel. Later he married a second time, resulting in a second daughter , Ella.

David Schwimmer has played a father a few times on film, but none will be more known than  Ross. Ross became a father twice, first by his first wife , Carol with a son , Ben. Shown with him is his pride and joy , Emma, that he had with the love of his life , Rachel on “Friends”

Here are the three dads of “Frasier “John Mahoney played the patriarch of the Crane family , Martin. His two sons , Frasier and Niles became dads as well  to Fredrick and David.

Ed O Neil played harried father and husband on the Fox breakout hit , “Married with Children.”  Al Bundy believed that wives were pains and children were his punishment.

Along with his own children, Phillip Banks took on the task of raising his sister in law’s son on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” . James Avery and Will Smith  played the uncle who tolerated his nephew’s strange behavior.

Eriq La Salle was a single father who did as so many fathers do , share custody with the mother . His son, Reese on “ER” was born deaf which was very trying to work as a surgeon.

Homer was a dad for the nineties.  As the father of the Simpson family, he would try to be a good father. except for trying to kill his son , Bart

Charles Shaunessey played the very proper Maxwell Sheffield on “The Nanny” This nineties series mirrored the story in The Sound of Music”  where the handsome widower is charmed by the nanny who he has hired to take care of his children. He did marry the Nanny after all.

John Goodman played working class dad on “Roseanne” Here he is with his only son, DJ.

David Eigenberg of the new NBC series, “Chicago Fire” played Steve Brady on HBO cult hit, “Sex and the City”  .  Steve was the boyfriend and father to Brady Hobbs. Eventually Miranda and Steve married.

“Go On’s” Matthew Perry finished up his tenure as Chandler on “Friends” becoming a daddy. He and Monica became the proud adoptive parents of Erica and Jack Bing.

A man can be a mob boss, but a great father to his kids by giving them the best. James Gandolfini played the loving father to his children Meadow and Anthony Soprano Jr.

Jeremy Piven of “Entourage” worked hard as Hollywood’s toughest agent , Ari Gold.  But he never neglected his kids, here he is at the Bat Mitzvah of his daughter.

Patrick Dempsey plays the loving father to his little adopted daughter. Here is Dr. Derek Shepherd of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Eric Dane plays a man with serious commitment issues, Dr Mark Sloane  on “GA”  But then a past relationship brought him a daughter that was expecting and also he became a father by his lesbian best friend as the result of a one night stand. Here he is with Sofia.

“Mad Men’s” stud Don Draper (Jon Hamm) may be a lady killer, but his favorite lady, “Sally” will always be his little daddy’s girl.

Goofball dad, Bobby Cobb has tried to be a good dad to his son Travis on “Cougar town”  Brian Van Holt comically plays the dad who loves to play.

Dr Cooper Freeman or “Coop” played by Paul Adelstein is a new dad on “Private Practice” As a father to his new son , Mason , he is now the boy’s sole parent following the death of his mother, Erica.

Dano or Scott Caan is hot and a great daddy to his little girl , Grace on “Hawaii Five O”

Here is three generations of Lawson men on USA’s hit “Royal Pains” . Henry Winkler plays the father to the boys who make up Hank Med. And Ed Asner plays grandpa.

Here is Peter Griffin on “Family Guy” He is pictured with his baby son, Stewie , who is bent on world domination. Isn’t he sweet?

John Ross has had a rough life, but he is trying to make his mark in the world on the new TNT hit “Dallas”  He has a good teacher in his own father , the legendary JR Ewing played by Larry Hagman

Christopher Ewing was adopted into the Ewing family. He would learn to be a good citizen from his ranch loving father , Bobby played by  Patrick Duffy on TNT ‘s “Dallas”


Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies from chitownstarconnections


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