Dallas for Dummies

Note: On June 13 , TNT presents the premiere of the new Dallas.  It is a continuation of the saga from the former show that was on CBS from 1978-1991.  In celebration and to get fans (and new fans) informed about the story, I am presenting a series starting with a history of Dallas.

The saga begins with Aaron Southworth and his daughter Eleanor and his son, Garrett. Aaron had one common enemy and that was the oil man. Imagine his surprise that his precious, Southfork would be saved by his only daughter marrying an oil man by the name Jock Ewing.  Ellie had also another boyfriend by the name of Willard “Digger ” Barnes . Digger was also another oil man who ended up working for Jock and the new Ewing Oil. There was a third partner , Jock’s brother as well.  In time, the other partners signed their shares over to Jock as well as all future rights to the oil.  Ellie and Jock began their life together and their union resulted in three sons, John Ross Jr, Garrison Arthur, and Robert James.  Gary did not have the same love for oil as his older brother, JR, so he took to the ranch. JR lived and breathed oil and lived life to the fullest. Bobby was the baby and had the sensitivity of his mother and the business acumen of his father.  JR married the former Miss Texas, one Sue Ellen Shepard. Sue Ellen and JR would marry twice and have a son John Ross Ewing 111 ,  Gary would marry a waitress Valene Clements and have a daughter Lucy Ann.  Gary would not fit in and as a result he would turn to alcohol. This caused his first marriage to Valene to end, she took her daughter and fled to Virginia, JR sent his goons there to kidnap the lone Ewing heir and bring her back to Southfork.

In the meantime, Bobby decides to elope with his girlfriend, Pamela Barnes, who he had met at a Ewing bbq. Pamela was originally Ray’s date , but he left her and then she met Bobby.  It would have been a happy marriage except for one thing, Pam was the daughter of Jock’s former partner, Digger Barnes and the sister of troublemaker Cliff Barnes, both had a huge vendetta against the Ewings and Ewing Oil.  JR had decided that to find entertainment elsewhere, so this made Sue Ellen frustrated. She decided to hurt him by sleeping with Cliff Barnes his arch enemy. Whoops, she got pregnant . Usually this would be happy news , but the unborn’s child parentage was being questioned. That’s right, John Ross 111 could have been Cliff Barnes’ kid. In the end, he was JR’s .

What resulted in one of the most famous cliffhangers of all time, was a total accident. CBS had ordered twenty two episodes, and the writers decided that so many people were mad at the oil snake, they decided to have him shot.  The culprit was JR’s sister in law, Sue Ellen Shepard . He had her arrested and she was mad at him for not leaving his wife, her sister.  She also announced that she was pregnant to JR, making him and others think it was his baby.  Kristin met a deadly fate and the baby was given to Bobby and Pam. So Christopher is related to the Ewing family by marriage.   Pam ended her marriage to Bobby and then decided that Ewings are destined to be together. On the morning after they decided to get married, Bobby was “supposedly” run over by Katherine, Pam’s half sister who had an obsession with her brother in law. This resulted in the famous “Dream” season where an entire season was a figment of Pam’s imagination . This season ended with the return of Patrick Duffy standing in the shower and saying “Good morning.”  The series rolled along until the spring of 91, after 13 years  with JR after losing everything on the verge of suicide .   JR was shown by an angel played by Academy Award winner, Joel Grey what life would be would be like if he would have never been born. In the true tradition, the finale ended with a cliff hanger with JR holding a gun and his brother running when he heard a gun shot.

This is where the story starts. The late actor Jim Davis played John Ross “Jock” Ewing . He was the start of the present Ewing family.

Jock married Eleanor Southworth , the couple had three sons and he had one more from an illicit affair during the war .  and the sons were

John Ross Ewing Jr. and Sue Ellen Shepard , the parents of John Ross and current stars of the new Dallas . this is circa 1980. Larry Hagman and Linda Gray

Robert James and Pamela Barnes.  Bobby was the youngest of the sons and a favorite of both parents.  They are the adoptive parents of Christopher Ewing.  Patrick Duffy returns as the good son and Victoria Principal left Dallas in the eighties.

Miss Ellie’s favorite son was Gary, named after her brother. Gary married Valene Clements and they had Lucy.  They decided to move away from Dallas and remarry , in the California town of Knots Landing.   They were played by Ted Shackleford and Joan Van Ark

Jock had an affair with a nurse by the name of Margaret Hunter. When she died, she sent her son to him as a teen where he took him in and treated him as a son. He went on to become the foreman of the ranch until when he found out that Ray was indeed his son.  Ray married the very proper Donna Culver. They were played by Steve Kanaly and Susan Howard . Kanaly has a cameo in the new show.

On November 21, 1980 the world waited with baited breath as the biggest mystery of the summer was waiting to be solved . JR had managed to survive two gunshots and the person who did it was

Kristin Shepard played by Mary Crosby. Daughter of the late Bing Crosby.

John Ross as a baby at Southfork.  He was at a BBQ

Here he is as an adult. John Ross is played by Josh Henderson

Here is Christopher as a baby.  He was adopted by Bobby and Pam

Here he is today.  Christopher Ewing played Jesse Metcalfe

Here is Gary with his daughter , Lucy on the day she married Dr Mitch Cooper.  Lucy was played by Charlene Tilton.  She might appear at Southfork again.

“Good morning” and the dream season was over.

Cliff Barnes was the thorn in JR’s side through all thirteen seasons of the show. Ken Kercheval played Christopher’s uncle and you ain’t seen the last of ole Cliff Barnes.


Watch Dallas on TNT starting with a two hour premiere.


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