Asian Americans on TV

May is Asian American history month and some of television’s major stars and personalities come from the Pacific.  Here is a list of characters and television personalities in salute of Asian American history month.

George Takei broke ground in two ways . He was one of the first Asian characters on prime time and later would come out as a gay actor.  His Sulu was one of the officers that sat on the bridge of the original Star Trek

Jack Soo was a great comedic actor who first appeared on MASH . He was most known for playing Sgt Nick Yemana on Barney Miller. Nick loved to play the ponies .

Kellye Nakahara played on all eleven seasons of the award winning MASH as Nurse Kelly.  She was always there to lend a hand .  She later did an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”  as an opera singer.

Pat Morita made his mark as Arnold on Happy Days. Then he cemented his place in pop culture as Mister Miyagi in The Karate Kid movies.

Rosalind Chao played Korean Soon Lee. She came to Klinger for help and ended up falling in love with the lovable company clerk. The two married on “Good Bye Farewell and Amen”  , the series finale on Feb 28, 1983.

Robert Ito played Quincy’s loyal side kick , Sam Fujiyama. He aided Quincy in finding clues . Perhaps Quincy could be known as the original CSI?

Chao Li Chao  was Angela Channing’s loyal servant on Falcon Crest. He was the perfect household servant who didnt try to be cute or back talk to his employers.  Joseph was also considered part of the Channing family.

Lending her support and being the biggest threat to the young Carter, Ming Na as Dr. Jing Mei Chen brought a smart, competitive woman to the ER. She also appeared on the short lived series The Single Guy.

Lauren Tom has done voices for such cartoons as King of the Hill and Futurama, but she was best known for Julie on the show Friends. Julie was one of Ross’s girlfriends. He found her when he went to China and then shortly after found out that Rachel had feelings for him.  Here she is having a talk with Rachel.

Family Guy has their own Asian character. It is Asian reporter , Trisha Takanawa. Alex Borstein , who voices Lois, does the same for Trisha .

Asian gay actor, Rex Lee, plays assistant to one of the most impossible bosses ever. Lloyd is Ari’s “girl Friday” on Entourage.

Sandra Oh plays Dr Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy .  She considers herself one Bad Ass when it comes to surgery.  Also along with Meredith, they are collectively known as the “Twisted Sisters”

Masi Oka formerly played on the lamented late show , Heroes. Now in Hawaii Five O , he plays Dr. Max Bergman.  Max helps the team find clues to solve cases .

Daniel Dae Kim plays Chin Ho Kelly on Five O.  He also spent time on another island on LOST.  Chin Ho is one cool cop.

Sexy Grace Park plays Kono on Hawaii Five O. Imagine being surrounded by all that beautiful scenery. I mean the islands, but I am also talking about Dano and McGarrett.

Jujubee is a queen first class. She was on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and is also a prof at RuPaul’s Drag U.  What a beauitful woman.

Harry Shum Jr. ‘s Mike has a dream. He wants to dance . His father had other plans.  But his mother supports him because she was also a dancer. Harry’s character on GLEE has great future plans, he will be dancing with the Joffrey in Chicago.

Jenna Ushkowitz plays Tina on GLEE. She has one ambition to be a superstar and her role model is none other than Rachel Barry. In  one fun episode, she dreams she is her.

And what would Asian tv personalities be without mentioning this one? He is Mr. Entertainment and Mr. Foodie.  Billy Dec is Filipino and he brings his culture to his places.  He has also appeared in many movies and tv shows including Friends and Entourage.  Currently he can be seen Thursdays on Windy City Live . His segment is called “What’s On Dec?” featuring events in Chicago.



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One Response to Asian Americans on TV

  1. Ryan Giggs says:

    …Ummmm… in reference to your comments re: Jujubee
    “She was on …(a TV Show) What a beauitful [sic] woman.”

    Jujubee is a guy.

    Interesting choices for populating your list, too 🙂

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