Union Celebrates One Year

Everyone loves a party, and boy did we get invited to a great one. There may have not have been cake , but there was lots of treats. Union Sushi and BBQ threw the party and Chef Chao  was the host as he treated guests with a five course meal to die for.  Each of the five courses had one central ingredient, and the rest of the dishes Chao worked his magic on to make it a creation to savor.

First we were treated to a tuna course .  that included a truffled tuna with parmesan,  a toro tartar with a  special touch , a quail egg , and a ponzu negri that was made with salmon, tuna , and proscuitto . The negri was my favorite.

Mushrooms have always been one of my favorites, and I was quite excited to see what tricks Chao  had up his sleeve. First we were given one of the mushroom dumplings filled with a chive cream. It is one of the most popular dishes at Union.  We also got to try a few inventive dishes as well.  I especially enjoyed the mushroom cake with the sweet mushroom butter . The grilled shitake were also a taste treat with the seven spices and the grilled rens.

Our third course featured some surprising ideas using oysters .  We started this course off with an oyster shooter consisting of flying fish eggs and more quail eggs. I will admit I was skeptical of the shooter, but found it to be quite tasty.  The grilled oyster had an Italian taste to it with the pesto and fontinella.   There was also the traditional oyster on the half shell, with a twist, cilantro jalapeno ponzu and also a panko fried oyster with a delicious sauce.

I have always loved chicken, but had never tried duck. Chao used all parts of the duck.  I knew this would be a taste treat, nonetheless.  Beginning with the buffalo duck wing, it seemed to look like the American staple wing. It had the same spicy taste that was countered with the bleu cheese dressing. I was told that this was the most popular dish at Union. Usually it is served on the bone, but tonight it was boneless and quite delicious.   The duck liver mousse sang of sweetness with its raspberry sauce  and the duck gilette boasted a chili fresco , but I had no fiery taste with it. My pick of the whole meal was an adventurous duck breast nigri. It was accompanied with peanut butter and raspberry jelly. It was simply delightful.

Our courses ended with a salute to the scallop .  First there was the prosciutto scallop with a tangy wassabi avocado puree. Next was another clever treat. It was a scallop sandwich that consisted of two scallops with  basil mayonnaise, ham lettuce, and tomato. You can never go wrong with ham as far as I am concerned. The last dish was a squid ink tempura scallop with little baby guava melons by the side.

We also got a little surprise, special sushi that was not on the menu. One thing i will say for Union, they like to change things up like that . I was very excited , because I am a huge fan of their sushi.  We were presented two sushis , one was a yummy lobster and avocado roll and the other was a squid tempura with ochino and green onion and cilantro.  Our taste adventure ended with a dessert perfect for a hot day. It was a bowl of the house made ice cream with berries and a chocolate dipped gooseberry. I could definitely taste a coconut flavor in one of the scoops. I washed the meal down with a sparking wine as we enjoyed the house music. Chao  says that it was originally the intention to create a place where people could enjoy food and just hang out with their friends. Well happy anniversary to Union Sushi and here’s hoping for many more. I am sure with this kind of fare, there will be. Thanks to Mike and Chef Chao and the great staff at Union.

Chef Chao and Sylvester busy making one of the many delicious creations for diners

The skinny geisha was introduced in January and remains a popular cocktail at the restaurant. It boasts 90 calories.

Beautifully presented, our first course tuna.

Loving this presentation for our oyster dishes. Check out the lovely colors and tasty accompaniments

Chef Chao and his assistant Sylvester

Melanie and Mike


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