A Salute to TV Moms

Television has been the home of our favorite moms. From the fifties to today, we have had many female role models whether their job was to stay at home or go into the work force.  Let’s take a trip as we remember the moms that made us laugh and cry .

The 1950’s

Lucy Ricardo had a lot in common with Lucille Ball. She wanted a career in show business and a family. Lucy was a mother who would do anything for her family, and it usually made us laugh.

Even though “Happy Days” was a show from the seventies. Marion Cunningham (Marion Ross)  was a typical mom of the fifties. She stayed at home and took care of her family, including Fonzie.

Barbara Billingsley took care of her brood, baked cookies, and solved the world’s problems with fudge. She is the stereotypical mother of all mothers, what women of the fifties strived to be.


Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) was television’s first sexy mom.  Her capri pants made women want to go out and buy them so they could emulate her as a sexy wife and mother.

The late Elizabeth Montgomery was not your typical housewife. She did stay at home, but she also was a witch and part of her job was cleaning up the messes of her fun loving witch family. Here Samantha is with her daughter, Tabitha.

A ghoulish mom of the sixties was Carolyn Jones’ Morticia . She took being a sexy mom one step farther, she allowed her husband to show PDA’s  in front of others.

A woman from the Stone Age, Wilma embraced the early sixties . She was the first cartoon mother and a woman who had style and also always looked good when she took care of her family.

January Jones became the typical corporate wife as “Mad Men’s” Betty Draper.  She put on a good front for her husband , Don. But then she found out about his many indiscretions and divorced him.

Alley Mills portrayed the mom on “The Wonder Years” . Norma Arnold had to put up with an old fashioned hubby and children in the changing world of the late 60’s.


Jean Stapleton’s Edith Bunker is a mom who was part seventies and part fifties. She embraced the ideas of feminism while her husband tried to pull her back to a simpler time.

But the coolest and hippest mom had to be Shirley Jones as Shirley Partridge . How many moms do you know that would pack up her whole family and a dog to be a rock and roll band?

Isabel Sanford was a woman that moved on up. She defied black stereotypes to become a lady of leisure thanks to her mogul husband .    (Short on heighth, big on mouth)  Louise Jefferson may have started as someone’s maid, but she ended up with one.

Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman was a surrogate mom to her son’s friends.  She had her job as a nurse , took over as breadwinner when her husband lost his job .

Alice Hyatt had a dream, to be a star. Fate had other plans as Linda Lavin was a typical single mother who worked to support her son as a waitress on “Alice”

Bonnie Franklin was a career mom who took care of her kids and forged a life for herself after her divorce as Ann Romano on “One Day at a Time”


Judith Light played exec Angela Bower who ran her agency while her housekeeper ran her house on “Who’s the Boss?’ He took care of her son and his own daughter.

The late Barbara Bel Geddes played one of the strongest mothers of all , Eleanor Southworth Ewing Farlow . “Miss Ellie” ruled the roost at Southfork and also showed the oil community that the Ewings were a force to be reckoned with.

Clair Huxtable was a positive role model for black women. She had it all , a career, a family, and a husband who was a doctor on the ground breaking  “The Cosby Show”

Meredith Baxter Birney’s Elyce Keaton on “Family Ties” was a woman who was a flower child of the sixties with a family who came right out of the “Me” decade.  Alex was a handful to deal with in himself.

The late Estelle Getty was the perfect Italian mom, Sophia Petrillo. Even after a stroke, she couldn’t be kept down and managed to make us all laugh and want to eat cheesecake and eat in her kitchen on “The Golden Girls.”

Katey Sagal was the anti mom “Peg Bundy ” on “Married with Children.”  She hated housework and wanted sex from her loser husband.

Before the modern mom was Murphy Brown . Her pregnancy sparked a national controversy and a few choice comments from Dan Quayle. Murphy finally gave birth and had decided not to have the father as part of her life. She raised the baby with the help of her friend , Eldon.


Marge Simpson was a cartoon mom who had to deal with her overgrown kid of a husband , Homer.

“Roseanne” was a mom with a sense of humor. And she needed it as with her family , her husband, and her sister. Roseanne Barr was the blue collar mom

Carol Potter was the perfect mom as Cindy Walsh on “Beverly Hills 90210” She had Midwestern values as she strolled the streets of Beverly Hills.

Carol Hathaway (julianne Marguilles) started life as a single mom until she realized that her place was with their daddy and she left Chicago for Seattle on “ER”

2000’s now

Our fave “Friend” started the milennium as she added one more title to career woman “Mom” Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel set the tone for young women as they realized they could have it all and get the man of their dreams.

Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano was a long suffering mom as she dealt with her kids and the shady dealings of her hubby  Tony.

Patricia Heaton’s Debra Barrone was the ultimate mom. She took care of her kids, her childish husband, and put up with the mother in law from hell.

Courteney Cox had played Mom before as Monica on “Friends” but her Jules of “Cougar Town” started life over as a divorced mom with a teen son.

Meredith Grey may not have had the best mom in Ellis, but she had more than made up for it with her own baby, Zola. And boy talk about a hot daddy!

Sara Ramirez was a mom for the millennium as she became pregnant with her straight friend’s baby and raises her with her lesbian wife , Arizona on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Debra Messing plays songwriter Julia on “Smash” She had made some mistakes and she struggles to put her family back together at all costs, even her own career.

Annie Potts plays Gigi on “GCB” a woman who had made her share of mistakes and also goes through life as a mom with a drink and a gun.

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery on “Private Practice” has had her share of hot men. This is the man of her dreams “Henry” her son.


To all the mothers out there, and in heaven, Happy Mother’s Day!


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