It’s All About Hair at American Beauty Show

Last weekend, we got the privilege to attend the American Beauty Show at McCormick Place.  Wow! I have been to trade shows before but never one like this. There was thousands of beauty professionals in attendance learning about the latest trends in hair, nails, and spa.

We started our day in the press room where we were treated to a make up touch up by a professional. Lilly did a great job taking my make-up up a notch.  I love having my make up done because it always makes me feel like a star.  After loading up on a few goodies, we headed to the show floor.  It was like Disneyland for beauty -holics and drag queens. Color was everywhere and the word of the day was BLING!  Seeing the NYX make up , I had to buy some because it is after all, the make up used by RuPaul’s “girls” and they are gorgeous.   All the reps were nice, except one who copped an attitude . Needless to say, I learned more about hair than I had known before. All I had to say was that I had thick , naturally curly, try to straighten hair, and the sales rep would head right to their product line and hook me up.  It reminded me of going to a doctor and diagnosing my illness.   We got some really cool products and cool bags like the one from the 12 benefits that is hot pink and has two outer mesh pockets. I could envision the bag being perfect for the summer that is to come.  There was also some nice eye candy about in the form of male models.  In my future write ups, I will using some of the products I received and then telling you if they tamed my wild mane .  So stay tuned .

LuAnn takes the make up a notch for the show in the press room. She made me feel like a star. Thanks girl.

Companies set up displays in the press room to advertise their products. Some of them even give samples .

Models are used to get people excited the products as well. Well he certainly did. She is cool as well.

Ohh NYX , the official make up of the “Drag Race.” Just had to buy some and love their foundation.

This fun lady was so excited about her hair product. It is called “Crack” and she knew how to have fun with the name.  The shirt said “Addicted  to Crack”  so funny.

I love this display for Rock Your Hair . It takes me back to the eighties and big hair. Can’t wait to try their hair spray and how it stands up to the “Windy City.”

The Glo-sentials girls were awesome! They gave me the right products for my hair type. They are truly hair docs!

This is a pretty cool idea. A lip gloss that has a light in the tip for those touch ups on the “El” It is called Pure Illumination.

This year it is all about the bling for hair. Headbands and clippies covered with rhinestones were all over the show.

Our friends at Pretty City were at the show as well. We got a chance to tell them how much like the events and the goody bags.

Here I am with two models from the Crew line of men’s proudcts.

Here is the colorful AMIKA display.  Most of the product lines were more than happy to give samples for us to try.

This was so cute to demonstrate pedicure baths . Everyone’s displays were so inventive and eye catching.


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