Aniston and Rudd Wander into a Hilarious Hit

As a Jennifer Aniston fan, I was really excited to see her newest feature ,”Wandrlust.”  Despite critics, I can honesty say I loved this movie.  Jen has a tendency to be typecast in the same kind of roles.  With this movie and “Horrible Bosses,” she seems to be moving away from type.

Paul Rudd is one of my fave Jen leading men. (Along with Vince Vaughn and a certain other  actor) The two teamed up in the delightful “The Object of my Affection.”  Then the two were reunited when Paul was cast as the love interest of Phoebe on “Friends.” Now the pair play a husband and wife and have to deal with the recession.  George and Linda leave the Big Apple and try to get back on their on their feet.  They find  themselves in Elysium , a commune where Phoebe would feel at home.  Jen’s current man, Justin Theroux plays the leader of the commune, Seth.  Elysium is filled with all sorts of colorful characters like the nudist wine maker author and a burned out former hippie played by one of my favorite actors , Alan Alda. I laughed my butt off as Paul Rudd’s George stood in front of the mirror preparing himself to cheat on his wife. He was trying to ease into the sex by talking about his “dick” and how how he was going to give it to the other woman. The liberal woman who was asking for him was played by the sexy Malin Ackerman, who I remember as the sexy innocent on the lamented HBO series, “The Comeback.” Part of this commune was that everyone shared everything and that included sex partners.

If you want to escape the typical mundane movie , see “Wanderlust” . Guaranteed to chase away the winter blues.

With no job and their expensive apartment gone, George and Linda leave the Big Apple

The “Truth” Circle for the residents of Elysium

Jen practices her yoga with real life partner Justin Theroux, who plays leader Seth

The Emmy winning actor-director-writer-producer Alan Alda  plays Carvin, one of the original owners of Elysium


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