The Most Unusual Weddings from Television

Weddings are such a special event, but sometimes things can go wrong . Sometimes  the family or friends have nothing but the best intentions , then they get a surprise . Here are some of my most unusual weddings from the world of television.

Don’t they look happy? Well there is only one problem when you marry an astronaut . There is paparazzi every where and this bride was invisible. You see, Jeannies can’t be photographed.

See this beautiful war bride? It is none other than Corp Klinger from MASH. Klinger’s bride in Toledo had agreed to marry him and the unusual couple was married by Father Mulcahy and helped by Colonel Blake.   Years later, Klinger got married again to a beautiful Korean girl named Soon Lee.  This time he wore a tux.

On The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,  Will and his bride Lisa had decided to forget their fighting families and elope.  Will arrived at a wedding chapel and wanted the Shaft package. The couple was set to be joined by a minister played by Isaac Hayes , then the couples families came to stop the wedding.

What ‘s a wedding without a pool fight? On Dallas, it is very common.  JR was set to remarry Sue Ellen and then a drunken Cliff Barnes , disrupted the ceremony , made a scene by asking to dance with the bride which caused the Barnes Ewing war to continue in the Southfork pool until Miss Ellie ended it.

What happens when your maid is going to be deported and you have her broken in? Well you have your gbff marry her.  Rosario is the bride and Jack is her very gay groom on Will and Grace.

This was definitely an unusual wedding. The groom was a runaway groom and the maid of honor was pregnant with the best man’s child. Oh and add to that they were married by aWWI soldier, but the topper was that the groom ‘s father showed up in a dress. It’s Nora and Charles at the wedding of their son Chandler to Monica on FRIENDS

There is always something funny happening with those friends. This time that on and off again couple, Ross and Rachel ,got hammered in Vegas. Then with permanent ink on their faces, they decided to get hitched.


On a day of craziness at Seattle Grace, these two people decided to tie the knot.  At a later date, they finally did get married at a justice of the peace so they could adopt their precious little baby, Zola.  This is the non wedding of Dr Meredith Grey and Dr Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy

Will finally met his Mr Right or so he thought. But James was going to be deported and only one thing could keep these two boys together, James had to get married. Will’s bff , Grace generously went through the ceremony where she found out she was pregnant with her ex’s child.  The guests were entertained by Hall and Oates

  Amanda flew her whole family to Moldavia for her marriage to Prince Michael. It is a shame the wedding was ruined when terrorists came in with gunfire and shot the guests and the bride and groom. The Moldavian wedding massacre on Dynasty

When Margaret  had her groom come to the 4077th, she had no idea what kind of chaos would happen.  She also did not know that her two friends , Hawkeye and BJ would take the passed out groom and put him in a body cast.  It’s a typical M*A*S*H* wedding with Donald Penobscott and Margaret with the Best Man being the former lover of the bride


It was originally seen as the exit (and the death of the series) of a pregnant Cindy Williams . But it was a happy day when Shirley Feeney became Shirley Feeney Meany.  All her friends were there to share their joy as she finally got her doctor.

  It started as one of Mary’s typical parties , but then Ted and Georgette decided to tie the knot.  Thanks to Sue Ann’s ample planning and a minister who was getting ready for a tennis game (played beautifully by the late John Ritter) Georgette becomes Mrs Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Is it easy to forget the one ? Well apparently not for Ross. At the wedding of him and Emily, he made one fatal mistake , he said the name “Rachel” instead of the bride’s . (Of course, we knew he still loved her.)   This resulted in divorce number two and the birth of FRIENDS other true romance, Monica and Chandler

Fran and Maxwell might have been giving birth to their twins,  but CC and Niles decided to stop fighting and start loving. They decided to get married on the series finale. (so original)  CC and Niles get married on the Nanny.

But perhaps the most unusual wedding is when an earthling marries an alien. Mork finally decided to marry his Mindy and then honeymoon on the planet Ork.  Then to top it off, Mork would give birth to an already grown Mearth, Johnathan Winters , who just happened to be Robin Williams ‘s idol.

Originally the guests were there for the wedding of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. But the couple didn’t know how much time this couple had, so they let Dr Izzie Stephens and Dr Alex Karev marry in their place.  The bride was given away by her best friend , Dr George O’Malley (who is her bff in real life)

Laverne and Shirley always get into the biggest and funniest messes. They wake up and now they are getting married to Richie and the Fonz. They help out their friends who get into a mess on Happy Days , after fooling around with the farmers’ daughters.  It’s a crossover ep for Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley.


It may have been every Moonlighting fans dream to see their heroes marrying, but it was a very special episode. Bruce and Cybill take the roles of the lovers in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew . The episode was a sheer strike of genius on creator Glenn Gordon Caron’s part .  Let’s hear it for Petruccio and Katerina in Atomic Shakespeare.


It only goes to show you that it really doesn’t matter and that true loves rules all!


Happy Valentines from Chitownstarconnections


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