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He Made Us All Daydream Believers 1945-2012

It’s always sad when someone dies, especially when they are part of your youth. This afternoon I was saddened when I heard that teen idol of the sixties , Davy Jones died of a heart attack.  Most of us remember … Continue reading

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It’s A Grrand Night for Oscar!

The Oscars could be described as the “Super Bowl” for the entertainment industry.  In a town that is so involved in the business of show biz, it was hard to pick a venue to celebrate my industry on this grand … Continue reading

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The Most Unusual Weddings from Television

Weddings are such a special event, but sometimes things can go wrong . Sometimes  the family or friends have nothing but the best intentions , then they get a surprise . Here are some of my most unusual weddings from … Continue reading

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A Tasty Little Nook on Bryn Mayr -Nookies Comes to Edgewater

    A great way to spend an afternoon is to volunteer and reward yourself with a great dinner.  Recently, we ventured to the newest Edgewater  bistro with a very familiar name , Nookies. Nookies just recently opened another location on … Continue reading

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Small Space But Big Taste… M Burger

  Burgers should have personality.  They shouldn’t be just a flat piece of ground beef covered with condiments and a slab of American cheese.  If I could have a mission statement , I think this would be mine. While shopping, … Continue reading

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Clooney Vies for Gold in the Descendants

Oscar winner George Clooney ,  Shalene Woodley, and Amara Miller play the grieving family in the Descendants. Nominated for five Academy Awards .   I went to the theatre anticipating a good experience . After all, I have always considered … Continue reading

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A Sweet Angel Enters Heaven

Tonight the entertainment world lost another angel way to soon. Singer-actress Whitney Houston died tonight at the age of 48.  All of us have been touched by her music or can remember a special moment that was part of  our … Continue reading

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