TV ‘s 25 Greatest Holidays Moments Again!

Yeah I know this is probably a post that makes you go yawn. But wait! You never know you might see something that brings back a memory or something that either made you laugh or warmed your heart. So whether you are trimming the tree or lighting the menorah, come take a stroll down the walk of christmasses past…

25. The Odd Couple 1970 Scrooge Gets an Oscar

The telegram messengers tells Oscar his alimony is due and if he doesnt pay it he goes to jail with others bums like him. It isnt a very merry Christmas for Oscar with that news and a roommate that is too jolly. Felix directs an amateur version of A Christmas Carol and thinks that his roommate is perfect for Scrooge. Oscar says no then he is visited by three comic ghosts. In the end, Oscar does the play .

24. Family Ties  A Keaton Christmas Carol  1983  Alex is lacking the Christmas spirit , so he is visited by three familiar spirits. My favorite part is the young Mallory and young Alex. Young Mallory taunts her brother about Nixon going to jail and her first little phone.

23.   Designing Women I’ll Be Home for Christmas  1987

Mary Jo’s kids don’t believe in Santa  anymore, so Anthony and Charlene come to the house to deliver the presents. They are injured and Suzanne has a new pet, a pig named Noel.  Great moments as the late Dixie Carter plays the piano and sings the ww2 classic as shots of the cast as kids flash on the screen . And a real treat as Mary Jo sings “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus.”

22. All in the Family Edith’s Crisis of Faith  1977

Edith is so happy that her friend,  transsexual Beverly LaSalle is coming to visit and is anxious to celebrate her fame.  But her faith is shaken when Bev is gay bashed and murdered. She wonders about the God she has worshipped and why he would let something like this happen.  It is possibly one of the first times that LGBT issues were addressed on network television. Leave it to Norman Lear!

21. M*A*S*H*  Dear Dad 1973

Hawkeye writes another letter to his dad and tells him what Christmas at the 4077 is like. There is everything from Klinger  threatening Father Mulcahy to Hawkeye having to go to the front dressed as Santa. Comical moments include Hawkeye and Trapper pulling practical jokes on Hot Lips and Frank as they try to keep their  affair secret. (which is one of the worst kept secrets in camp)

20. Seinfeld   The Strike 1997

A new holiday was invented by the show about nothing-Festivus . It involves a silver pole and a desire to air  how the people in your life have disappointed you.  Jerry Stiller, comic legend and dad of Ben, was the founder of the festival as George’s obnoxious father. Kramer embraced the holiday of course.

19.  Curb Your Enthusiasm Mary Joseph and Larry 2000

Television does very little to address the Jewish holiday unless one of your characters is Jewish (Fran Fine, Grace Adler, Ross Geller)   Larry David puts his own irreverent spin on the holidays as he accidentally eats a nativity cookie and forces himself to hire a live nativity group to come to his house for his sister in law. In true Larry fashion , he insults the group and merry christmas again.

18. The Nanny Oy to the World  1995

Brighton doesnt believe in Santa , which results in a charming animated special where Nanny Fine takes him and Chester to the North Pole where they meet Santa , who coincidentally looks like Mr Sheffield. They also meet the evil CC , who hates Christmas and wants to freeze the earth.

17.  Studi0 6o on the Sunset Strip  “The Christmas Show”  2006

Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford played Danny and Matt two comedy writers that come from very un-comic places. Matt was a drug attack that was addicted to pain killers (mirroring Perry’s real life addictions) and Danny was a coke addict. Sorkin’s holiday tale finds Danny ready to admit his love for Jordan and Matt realizes his own love for Harriet.  The heartwrenching scene as musicians play for their city New Orleans and also when Matt pushes Harriet against the flat to kiss her are my faves. Also a great performance by tv icon Edward Asner, as the head of the network.

16. The Big Bang Theory  The Bath Gift Item Hypothesis 2008

Sheldon is puzzled by the promise that Penny was going to get him a gift . So he is prepared by going to Bath and Body Works and buying her every size basket so he will not feel bad. Penny throws a wrench into the whole plan with her present .  guess who comes into the cheesecake factory ? Leonard Nimoy and she has him sign a napkin for Sheldon. Now Penny is well supplied with bath products as Sheldon hands them all over.

15.  LA Law  Christmas Stalking 1992

Does this Santa look familiar ? He would be a mainstay on Must See TV for years.  Future “Friend” David Schwimmer played a lawyer named Dana Romney who was obsessed with the firm’s newest member , Gwen.  Gwen was instead in love with Morales played by A. Martinez of Santa Barbara super couple Eden and Cruz.

14.  Joey and the Christmas Party 2006    Joey

Joey has finally found love , but alas he waited too long. Dean has swept Alex off her feet and she is falling in love.  But she did get Joey a present, she gave him the one thing he missed living in NYC- snow.   Joey now knows that he has blown it.

13.  Friends TOW Christmas in Tulsa 2003

Chandler Bing is far from jolly. He has to be separated from his friends and his beautiful wife on Christmas.  He is not alone in Tulsa as a seductive co worker tries to seduce the happily married man. Chandler finally realizes his place is in the big Apple with Monica and the gang, so he quits his job.

12. Will and Grace “A Little Christmas Queer.”  2006

Will brings his gay family to visit with his biological family. Grace decides to have her menorah lit with Will’s brother and Karen plays name that drink with Will’s mother.  The highlight is Will’s nephew who is a budding drama queen that loves to put on shows and Will can’t understand why his mother can accept the little queen but couldn’t accept him.

11.  Married With Children It’s A Bundyful Life  1989

Al has done it again. He has nothing for the family and he tried to rob the mall Santa. Feeling like a failure, he wonders what it would be like if he had never been born. A vicious angel played by the late Sam Kinnison puts a spin on the Frank Capra classic. His family is better off without him and he curses them saying they have to suffer as well.

10. Family Guy Freakin Christmas Special  2003

Stewey is Baby Jesus and Lois goes postal. Peter gives the Christmas presents to charity while drunk. But only thing makes him happy , to watch Kiss Saves Santa  , his favorite Christmas special.

9.  Moonlighting Twas the Episode Before Christmas 1986

Miss Dipesto has found a baby who has been abandoned. She brings it to work and finds out the mob is after him and his mother, Mary. She has recently lost her husband , Joseph because he was whacked. Maddie , Dave and Dipesto help catch the bad guys and end with the cast and crew singing The First Noel.

8.  Will and Grace Jingle Balls 2001

Jack has a chance to design a Barney’s window , but he isnt a designer. So he enlists his friend Karen for a very warped window decoration.  Knowing he might lose his job, Grace offers to help him. At the same time , Will dates a ballet dancer.

7. Eight is Enough “Yes Nicholas , There is a Santa Claus” 1977

Nicholas Bradford and his family have a new stepmom but they can’t forget their late mother.  Tommy is the one who has had the hardest time accepting Abby as their new mother. Nicholas wants to catch Santa in the act and he does. Grandpa of the Waltons, the late Will Geer plays the larcenous Santa who forgets one gift that was for Tommy. He is remembered by his late mother and the whole family now accepts Abby.

6.  A Charlie Brown Christmas CBS 1965

Poor Charlie Brown ,  Christmas is supposed to be a celebration , not a commercial fiasco. He searches for the true meaning of the holiday, but is surrounded by a bunch of kids who just want presents and a dog who just wants to win the holiday decorating contest. To show his friends he goes and gets a tree, but it is the saddest tree anyone has ever seen. Linus gives everyone food for thought and finally Charlie Brown is a hero.

4.  Joey  Joey and the Plot Twist  2004

Joey is home sick and missing NYC. It’s Christmas time and there isn’t any snow. Leave it to his LA family to make Joey feel better. He also faces getting fired for giving away the plot twist to Deep Powder,his new show.

3. Days of our Lives  any given year

With soap operas becoming a thing of the past, the ones that are left still have traditions that have lasted for years. On Days of our Lives, the Horton family always decorates a tree with ornaments adorned with the family names.  These include family members that are dead or were kidnapped by Stefano.

2.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 1964

This famous Gene Autry song was made into the animated special we all loved as children. Rudolph is seen as a misfit and then as a hero as he uses the one thing that made him different to save Christmas. Beautiful songs like “There’s Always Tomorrow For Dreams to Come True” and Silver and Gold. Remember the Island of Misfit Toys and Yukon Cornelius?

and the number one holiday moment is a modern holiday classic about a little boy who was being raised by two parents from different faiths.  His father wants to please him, but there are no Santa costumes , so he is forced to dress up as an armadillo.. Do you know it yet? It is Friends… episode from the seventh season The One With the Holiday Armadillo  .  From the year 2000.

So to everyone , Happy Hanukkah , and Merry Christmas!!!!! from Chitownstarconnections


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