Abby Pure Performance   Seals in the Color


     One of the biggest problems that I have is the upkeep of my hair. It’s panic time for me when my brunette roots start to peak through. (It’s an even bigger pain when that “G” word peaks through the blonde) A few hairs appear and then I have to start planning either coloring my hair or another visit to the salon.  If I could count how many times through the years that I have had those chemicals running through my hair, I would definitely be able to have my hair colored in the finest salons. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Thank heavens for Abba Pure Performance. It  is one hundred per cent natural with no synthetic color additives. That means no harmful chemicals to the hair and it keeps it soft.  It also means that there are no animals tested .  Botanicals are also used for its great smell.  With things in the formula like quinoa, sage, and coconut, it can’t help but nourish  the hair. But it isn’t the natural formula that makes me smile, it’s the fact that the products enhance the color and let me keep it just a little bit longer.

Best of all it is also gluten free, look for it at your favorite salon.


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​New Place in the Neighborhood- Empirical Brewery

Just recently,  Rogers Park got another bistro . Cushioned between the fast food and pizza joints, is a place that gives the neighborhood a little more of a gourmet spin. Customers at Empirical Brewery can get a tasty meal and also sit around and sip some of the brews that are made at the company’s brewery. In the near future, there will also be a brewery in the Rogers Park location. Formerly the location of Mayne Stage bistro, Empirical boasts dishes that are made with their own microbrews. We were eager to try some of the menu items and definitely taste the delicious brews that Empirical boasts.

The best thing on a warm , summer day is a nice cold glass of beer. But which one to choose with my sampler  of starters. I love a fruity drink , so I opted for the Empirical Up Quark Passion Fruit Pale Ale. What made it different was the combination of hops with the honey malt. Mix that with the tropical fruit and it is the perfect summer brew.  We were also happy to find out that Empirical Brewery is dog acheesy friendly. Diners can bring the kiddies for their own menu.  

Empirical Up Quark Passion Fruit Pale Ale refreshing on a warm summer day.

The first thing that we tried was the pretzel and beer cheese. It wasn’t your typical pretzel . The pretzel itself was soft like baked bread and dipping it was sheer delight.  We were told that most of the dishes contained one of the micobrews that Empirical brews. Jen is completely mad about Poutine , so we definitely had to try Empirical’s version.  Cheese was definitely the word as it surrounded the fries and was so stringy. The ratio of cheese over gravy was very evident and that is the way we like it.

pretzel and beer cheese is delicious


The Poutine was perfectly cheesy

Empirical is also opened for brunch with some dishes like the crab cakes , fruit salad, and of course the burgers. They also have some great signature drinks like the Beergarita and the Morse. They also boast Jones soda as well as the usual Coca Cola products. Empirical is located at 1330 W Morse Avenue next to J Alberto’s Pizza

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Chicago Baby Show at Navy Pier

Are youu expecting, or alreadry have little ones? Then join us at Navy Pier for The Chicago Baby Show. Keep reading to find out how you can attend.

The 2017 Chicago Baby Show, on August 26 & 27 at Navy Pier will be part of the largest show series for new and expectant parents in the country. Built off the 7 years of success with our New York Baby Show and our inaugural LA Baby Show last year , no other event provides a better experience for thousands of expectant and new families from Chicagoland, seeking a family-friendly jamboree of top brands great speakers and seminars, big giveaways, and lots of learning, support, bonding, and fun as you make your way into parenthood. See below for details… etc. Normal ticket price is $30 per family (for 2 adults and up to 4 children) and $20 per individual.

Want to attend? Chitownconnections has 10 free tickets to give away just click the link. Chicago Baby Show Giveaway

Once the 10 tickests are gone you can still attend, ger 50% off tickets here. Chicago Baby Show Discount 

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Groupon Takes Away those Vacation Blues


Ah summer! Full of barbecues, vacations , and camping.  But sometimes you can leave the house and forget that you packed something. Camps always provide a list so campers can bring everything and sometimes you forget that insect repellent after the bags are closed . Thanks goodness for Target and Walmart and thank goodness for Groupon.

Recently I just got back from vacation and two of the stores we visited were Target and Walmart . Boy I wish I would have known about Groupon Coupons . I could have saved on that Starbucks iced drink and those couple of outfits I couldn’t resist at Target. I also could have used those coupons when grocery shopping at Walmart. It may have been too late for me, but it isn’t for you.

Go to the Groupon site and look up the codes for the merchants of your choosing. Hey! you can get some style at Macy’s or dress up your man at Brooks Brothers as well. Think of what you can do with the money you save.

target and walmart

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Sarah Happ – A Spa Treatment for Your Lips

sara happ logo

Lips have to be one of the most ignored parts of the face, yet they are one of the most seen . Everyone knows about Angelina’s and when Kerry Washington talks in her Neutrogena ads, you just can’t help put picture putting her kiss proof lips all over Tony Goldwyn’s face. But here in the Windy City, you just can’t help but take care of them after months of cold and wind and snow.

I just got the chance to try some of the Sara Happ lip products and I just got to tell you, they are awesome. As I nurse my first bit of the summer, I had to give my lips the full treatment. After years of Chapstick , these products are like a spa treatment for your lips.

I started my lip experience with her “the lip scrub”. It is so easy too and now I am spoiled. The one I chose was the luscious passion fruit. I love the taste because it is just like fruity candy. But you just put it on your lips and then wipe it off with a tissue . So simple . I also saw that it comes in other flavors like confetti cake which I might try in the future.

passion fruit

 Actresses and influencers need to have a wardrobe of glosses, lipsticks, and lip crayons. I am currently liking the mattes and darker colors. But sometimes you need something just to make you feel glam. Sara has it covered with her Luxe lip gloss. I picked a lovely summer shade , The Peach Slip. Light and luxurious. It also goes on lovely over regular lipsticks and glosses. With or without , either way it shows off great lips.

peach slip

To finish up , I restored the sun and wind damage with the sweet clay lip mask. Each jar contains about 30 uses. Use this only as a treat because it is intense. You smear it on the lips and leave it on anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes and then wipe it off with a wet washcloth. You won’t believe how great it feels.

sweet clay lips mask

You can find Sara Happ lip products at Nordstrom and other fine stores. If you want more info on the products go to


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For Some Good Ole Eatin- Head to Route 62

route 62 bbq

There is no denyin , I am a country girl. You can put me on the Mag Mile, put a Louis in my hand, but when it comes down to food, give me a great big ole piece of meat. Summers in my childhood meant going camping and my dad bbq-ing. I just love a piece of meat especially when it has been smoked and then laid on those coals. Add some summer sides like macaroni salad or baked beans mixed with brown sugar, and I am a happpy camper.

I just got back from visiting my native Ohio. I got to see a part of the Buckeye State that I had never seen before. Central Ohio is home to many things, the Buckeyes of Ohio State, the State Capitol, and some of the prettiest scenery you will ever want to see. It is also home to some good ole fashioned slap down BBQ that rivals even the coolest spots in Chicago. Just off Route 62 in Johnstown is Route 62 BBQ. Our tour guide for this culinary adventure was Tiffany and we would just like to say thanks for your friendly Ohio hospitality once again.

Now one thing you have to understand about BBQ is you are going to get messy. But the mess is going to be well worth your time. We were told that the meat had been smoked and then cooked for about twenty four hours. We were so excited that we were going to get to try their four more popular meats. This would include a beef brisket that I nibbled on for days it was so good.I mean Oy Vey! The turkey was better than any one I ever had for Thanksgiving. But the real stars of the show were the pulled chicken and pulled pork. Talk about tender! It melted in your mouth and the meat just pulled apart. But that wasn’t the only part that was awesome, BBQ isn’t BBQ without sauce and just for the record everything from the rub on meat to the deserts is homemade. You can get a mouthful of fire or just enjoy with the BBQ sauces that they serve with the meat. I really enjoyed the sweet taste of the Carolina . I enjoyed it so much that I took a bottle home with me. All of their sauces can be bought to take that Ohio taste home with you.


The sides are something to be bragged about too. They remind me of church suppers when I was growing up or picnics at Idora Park . No diets here, just good ole fashioned country cookin. Jen couldn’t stop eating the cheesy potatoes. In Ohio , when they say cheesy they mean cheesy! They must be good because we were told that they were the most popular item on the menu. Regional goodies include skillet corn, cole slaw, and broccoli salad. The unanimous favorite was the totally original macaroni chicken ranch salad. Chunks of chicken mixed into a flavorful macaroni salad with a little taste flash could have been made into a meal itself. Route 62 also sells sandwich platters, wings, and rib platters as well. Get your favorites sides by the pint or the quart. Having a party? They got that covered as well. The sides are the perfect compliment to the BBQ.

scrumptious sides

“The owners were driving down this stretch of road and thought it was the perfect place.” Tiffany told us. Ten years later, Johnstown residents and tourists alike have been enjoying the savory BBQ meals. As for celebs who have become fans of the restaurant, you can’t get any cooler than Mickey Dolenz from the “Monkees.”

mickey dolenz

On a summer’s afternoon, you can’t get a better meal than good old fashioned BBQ and pair it up with a refreshing Coke. As you can see, it is the drink of choice at Route 62…

coke wall

Now don’t forget dessert. They taste just like a bunch of church ladies went into their kitchen and made them. Our particular favorites were the chocolate creme, the pretzel crust that reminded me of pecan pie and the pistachio. They were all delicious , of course.

pistachio pie

Route 62 BBQ is located in Johnstown  Ohio at 580 W Coshocton Street.  Johnstown is located about one hour from Columbus and Ohio State. They are closed on Monday and open Tues thru Sat from 11 to 8 and Sundays open from 12- 7. .Meat can be ordered by the pound and they have family packs as well . For a real taste of the Buckeye State, stop by Route 62 when you are in the Columbus area.

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“Anything That Pushes the Envelope” Is How Erica M Views Style


 When you watch those ladies on the Red Carpet, you probably wonder who makes them look fabulous. It’s not just the hair, the dress, or the jewelry.  Girls also have to have fierce footwear. One of these shoe divas, is stylist Erica M. As a young girl in the streets of Baltimore, she learned at an early age that it is better to look good than to feel good. Sadly,  she was a victim of bullying. But she knew that her dreams would take her away from her inpoverished world. She had always loved fashion and like so many other girls played dress up. Her first influences? Versace and Oscar De La Renta. No K Mart for this gal.

The other day , I got the chance to chat with this fellow diva and gladiator. I always love to talk about “Scandal” with fellow gladiators and we had fun talking fashion and television.  One of the topics that we discussed is how women should embrace who they are. They should embrace their curves. Erica is a curvy girl herself. She also believes that young girls should be given more encouragement to accept themselves and give them empowerment. In fact in 2009, she created an organization for teens and women called Tru Goddess Entertainment and Events. Erica ‘s beliefs came from her grandmother , Hester, who prided herself on her sense of style and didn’t let society  tell her how to dress because of her age. “You are as young as you feel.” Erica told me. I totally agree with that. She also spoke glowingly of the role models that women have to emulate on television today. Women like Viola Davis, Taraji P Henson , and Kerry Washington play these strong women on television .They also wear these sexy , but sophisticated outfits when they play these characters. “Young girls see Olivia Pope in her silky blouses, and pencil skirts. She is a strong woman and they see that you don’t have to dress like a hoochy to be a success.” she laughed.  “Women have to learn to love themselves.” Using this philosophy, Erica and her sister opened their own shoe boutique in 2012. Appropriately it was called Goddess Couture. These shoes allowed all woman to think of themselves as goddesses.

About a year later, Erica began using her fashion talents to dress some of television’s biggest reality stars. like Love Majeewski (Mob Wives) , , Krystle Couso (Jerseylicious) and Alexandra Dilworth (The New Atlanta) and that is just a sample. No surprise of who Erica’s dream celebrity would be if she could dress her for the Red Carpet. Actually she had two. Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong and tv star Kerry Washington. “Kerry has such great style and Lupita looks just like a little Barbie doll.” Asking her advice on developing my own Red Carpet style, she told me to wear something you are comfortable in and also allows you to strut your stuff. ” She gives the same advice to her celebrity clients. “They never know what to wear, so she sends over some different styles and sees how comfortable the client is with each shoe. Then they narrow it down.” When I asked about her mother and style , she just laughed and said that her grandmother said that it skipped a generation.  She also bragged that she was related to model/body builder Ernestine Shepherd. With role models like these, Erica can definitely continue to reach for the stars.

19398798_10212779703031242_883210214_nTo look at some of Erica’s shoes and order them go to

She is also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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